WARMER MIXTAPES #1518 | by Nick Margiasso IV (Single Channel System, Sleepy Static, NM4 & The East Coast Americas) of Sabbatical Year

1. Sabbatical Year | Something To Fall Asleep To
OK, so I'm starting with one the closest to home. This song was sort of conjured up, musically, from a weary dream state and then by happenstance the same way is how the lyrics came about, separately. It was written for a very special person. It really is our epic, and enjoyable in different layers.

2. The Beatles | Rain
So many to choose from by the best to ever do it, but this B-side is just super cool, trippy, simple and plain great writing on every level. And that's what these dudes excelled at always. Just love the part: If the rain comes, they run and hide their heads... Might as well be dead... Rain... I don't mind...

3. Radiohead | Idioteque
Another band with Limitless Possibility. But this one just hits you right in the mind. I remember kind of being into them, then waiting for this very anticipated release, and then sneaking it on Napster or something, burning it to CD and then listening to it in my car -- BOOM -- it just changed everything about what a Modern Rock song could be.

4. Oasis | D'You Know What I Mean?
The last great, true Rock And Roll band. And this is them at full steam, all their swagger.

5. Digable Planets | Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)
Probably the first Rap song that pulled at me in a big way. The way the lyrical interplay works, the sharp and muted Jazzy throwback -- it is just a perfect piece of Hip Hop and Music in general. I had never heard anything so cool.

6. Miles Davis | Flamenco Sketches
I think this is the single greatest piece of Music ever written. Jazz, Pop, Rock, whatever -- it just transcends all. As a lyricist I understand that this Music is literally above a level where you could put words to it. Also, it's Free and loose and Spiritual while being right on point.

7. Wu-Tang Clan | Triumph (feat. Cappadonna)
It hits you like a shotgun blast of powerful vocals and beats, and I remember the video being insanely out there and in your face, too. I'm from New York and nothing will ever feel as New York as these guys.

8. John Coltrane | I Want To Talk About You (Billy Eckstine And His Orchestra Cover)
The flip side to my comments about Miles' piece, this is the most beautiful song ever written. Jazz really is such an important Art form because it comes from a place that's almost prehistoric with it's lack of verbalization while also tapping into something timeless and Future forward because of the power of the Musical arrangement. Want to know what Love sounds like? This is it.

9. Explosions In The Sky | Your Hand In Mine 
The best Instrumental Rock band ever, no doubt. And this is a perfect example of these guys' power to make these insane soundscapes. No wonder that these guys are huge in the Soundtrack World. They should fill movie theaters with people, play a black screen and make them listen to this -- it's be more powerful than any movie.

10. Elvis Presley | Jailhouse Rock (Jailhouse Rock Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The King, what else can you say. And he absolutely puts this thing in the dictionary under the phrase Rock 'N' Roll.