WARMER MIXTAPES #1575 | by Anna Carmela and Mark Malagise of THRIFT

SIDE A | by Mark Malagise

My favorite songs are the ones that remind me of certain places/events in my life.
So, all of these remind me of…

1. Led Zeppelin | Ramble On
Driving in the car with my dad. We would listen to Led Zeppelin II and he would tell me the back stories of all the songs.

2. The Marshall Tucker Band | Can’t You See
Fishing trips with my dad, grandpa, and uncles to Connoquenessing Creek in Zelienople, PA.

3. Percy Sledge | When A Man Loves A Woman
Every time I’ve ever fallen in Love ever.

4. Joe Cocker | With A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles Cover)
Watching The Wonder Years.

5. John Lennon | Imagine
Sitting in my bedroom in High School and trying to figure out how to be an amazing songwriter.

6. The Beatles | A Day In The Life
Wanting to be alone and driving down Neville Road at night.

7. Van Morrison | Tupelo Honey 
Falling in Love for the first time.

8. Ben E. King | Stand By Me
Standing by myself and staring at the stars.

9. The Temptations | Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
Almost lovers.

10. The Flamingos | I Only Have Eyes For You (Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler Cover)
Summer patio dinner at The Erin’s.

SIDE B | by Anna Carmela

It’s so tough to pick only ten songs, because there’s so many that I could go off about.
But here are my top ten as of late...

1. Bessie Smith | You’ve Been A Good Ole Wagon
When people ask me what I listen to for inspiration, I usually point them in the direction of Bessie Smith. During her lifetime, she defied so many odds. She is an absolute powerhouse.

2. Pet Shop Boys | West End Girls 
This is my guilty pleasure song… But I definitely have no shame blasting it with my windows down.

3. Nirvana | Scentless Apprentice
This is the song that makes me feel ready to smash some plates against a wall or go toilet papering or something. It’s a pump up jam for me, I usually listen to it before performances. Nirvana was my first favorite band, so they will always hold a very special place in my heart.

4. Judy Garland | Smile (Nat King Cole Cover)
This song can make me feel better, no matter what mood I’m in. It’s one of those tunes that reminds me of why I love Music so much.

5. Creedence Clearwater Revival | Lookin’ Out My Back Door 
For some reason, I have always pictured this song playing at my funeral. It’s got a weird dark mood in my mind, even though it’s a cheery-sounding song. Plus Cosmo’s Factory is one of my all time favorite albums to listen to front to back.

6. Chet Baker | My Funny Valentine (Mitzi Green Cover)
This is just a classic. Chet Baker is definitely one of my favorite Jazz artists. I love how simply he sings this haunting song.

7. Big Brother & The Holding Company | Summertime (Billie Holiday Cover)
This version of Summertime gives me chills in all the right places. Janis Joplin has such an intense voice, from her biting growl to her sweet falsetto tones. I love all the places this version goes, and how they end it major. Super creepy.

8. The Velvet Underground & Nico | Sunday Morning 
This song makes me want to cry. But in a good way… It’s super hopeful to me. Watch out, The World’s behind you... There’s always someone around you who will call... It’s nothing at all. Gosh, Lou Reed was an incredible guy. Also, side note, it was always my dream to own an original pressing of this record, and Mark basically scoured the world to find one for me. So now I do own an original copy. Best Christmas present ever!

9. The B-52’s | Roam
I love this song because it reminds me of the best part about growing up in California: driving with the sunroof open, my friends and I sticking our heads out while driving to the beach. I also love Kate and Cindy’s vocals on this track - they’re fearless.

10. Bill Withers | Use Me
This song has just a badass feel to it. I love the groove of the track. Also Just As I Am (his debut album) has quickly become one of my favorites. It takes you on an emotional roller coaster. With tracks like Hope She’ll Be Happier, Harlem, Grandma’s Hands… Dang, the list goes on. I love Bill Withers.