1. Grouper | Alien Observer
Grouper is my spirit animal. Her Music is the best sleeping medicine.

2. Radiohead | Let Down
This has been my favourite song since I was twelve. I remember listening to it in the backseat of my parents' car while driving at night. A crucial moment in my life.

3. The Radio Dept. | The Video Dept. 
Perfect, lazy and melancholic. Could literally choose any song by The Radio Dept. because I adore them all. Best listened to while biking around on summer evenings.

4. Judee Sill | The Kiss 
This song was played at my wedding this summer...

5. Makthaverskan | Witness 
Probably my favourite album this year. Passionate and melodic Post-Punk from Sweden.

6. My Bloody Valentine | You Made Me Realise 
Wish I could play this live!

7. Alex G | Skipper 
One of the best songwriters of our time. Saw him live in Oslo last week and it renewed my faith in Music.

8. Smashing Pumpkins | Cherub Rock 
Anything Pumpkins did in the '90s is perfect. Siamese Dream is untouchable!

9. Frank Ocean | Nights 
Blonde is a masterpiece. Absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful.

10. Spielbergs | Ghost Boy
An eight minute epic journey. My favourite song by a Norwegian band. Do yourself a favour and listen to this song!