WARMER MIXTAPES #1607 | by Natasha Home [Sunmoonstar]

1. The Pentangle | Hunting Song
This has to be one of my all time favorite bands, I never get tired of these songs, I love the albums and live versions, this song just captures everything about Pentangle for me, the Dreaminess, Storytelling, Creative Freedom and Collaboration.

2. Sathima Bea Benjamin | "Music"
So these incredible recordings were recently reissued, and Sathima Bea Benjamin's biography and the stories about the recordings, how they were lost for 30 years and her travels with Duke Ellington add to their wonderment. This song Music is just so free and has so much Feeling and Energy, it's a great easy morning track. There are all these subtle changes in-between chords that make it lively and really enchanting.

3. Alice Coltrane | Lovely Sky Boat
This song is just so full of Love and Genius, I am in awe of it in every moment.

4. Slapp Happy | Slow Moon's Rose
Stream of Consciousness imagery and then the saxophone solo - so good. Dagmar Krause is an incredible artist, her voice is wonderful.

5. Maurice Ravel | Jeux D'Eau (Performed by Jean-Yves Thibaudet)
One of my favorite solo piano compositions. Jeux D'eau also means Water Fountains and the Music really has this falling, never ending ornamental feeling, it's lovely for day dreams.

6. Sally Oldfield | Water Bearer
This is the best album. I also love that as a debut she wrote an entire continuous medley. In the original LP all of the songs mix together, so in this case I'll just say that the title track is my favorite. Sally Oldfield's voice is incredible, and she plays the guitars, piano, synthesizer, harpsichord, pipe organ, mandolin, marimba, glockenspiel, vibraphone, banjo and percussion. I can listen to it over and over.

7. Emerald Web | Flight Of The Raven
When I first discovered Emerald Web I thought Yes, finally some Ambient Prog I can show my mum that she hasn't heard before . She played flute and I had to put up with a lot of Jethro Tull growing up... Sorry, Mum, but this is just so much better, sending this song with Love from Florida to you!

8. Fairport Convention | Fotheringay
The guitars, that lovely wavy bass line, subtle bells and harmonies are so wonderful in this song. In the lyrics I read that Sandy Denny was influenced by the story of Mary Queen of Scots. When I listen I think about gazing from The Past, about memories of being free, and I have this poetic idea about islands, that we have them surfaced inside ourselves like dreams.

9. Kate Bush | Moving
I read that Kate Bush dedicated this song to her dance instructor, and there really is something powerful in this song about Navigation and Understanding our sense of Space. You can hear it in the whale song intro, and it's this very sensitive searching and measuring of Space with Sound that I find really interesting in Music, you know... Like there's that idea that Echolocation gives whales Perspective, and in this song, when you listen to the tonality of her vocals, they're very reactive to the other instruments... This song always reminds me to understand The World with Empathy.

10. Enya | Aldebaran
Instantly allured by what I learned later in Life is the vivid atmosphere of a Juno 60 and percussive DX7, this composition has always fascinated me, ever since I first began listening to it on long drives with my family. My mother liked to play this cassette in the car at night. We used to have a cabin in the forest without Electricity, near Daylesford in Victoria, Australia. Maybe it was the feeling of getting into a car and hearing Electronic Music after a weekend away from the city, or maybe it's that Aldebaran is the brightest star in my zodiac sign's constellation, I still find this song comforting to listen to especially when there's rain outside.