WARMER MIXTAPES #3 | by Calle Thoor [The Electric Sea Gospel] of Bolywool and Nepal

1. Judy Collins | Amazing Grace
As long as I can remember, I've always had a thing for Amazing Grace. It doesn't matter if whether its performed at a funeral or if I'm just walking down the street listening to Spiritualized's version in my iPod. Judy Collins' version is probably my favourite one for a number of reasons, one being its simplicity and another its gracefulness (no pun intended).

2. Spiritualized | Electricity
The first time I heard the song was an utter mind-boggling experience. The shimmering Farfisa, the hypnotising drums, the beautiful and ingeniously simple riff. Spaceman has got it down to the t!

3. Oasis | Champagne Supernova
The Brit Pop Anthem Of All Time. Liam's flawless vocals, the absurd lyrics, Paul Weller on lead guitar, the magnificent drumming by Alan White and so on. A postcard from an era I keep close to my heart.

4. Spacemen 3 | Hey Man
I bought my copy of Sound Of Confusion in a shady record shop in Gothenburg, and I clearly remember sitting hypnotized in front of my stereo with Hey Man on repeat for the rest of the day. As some songs on this might suggest, I've got a thing for hymnals, and this is by my definition a hymnal straight out of darkest corner of Warwickshire.

5. The Appleseed Cast | Hanging Marionette
The stars are burning bright like the light that lights your eyes...Says it all, doesn't it?

6. Primal Scream | Come Together
Gospel for the 21st century from the 20th century – you've got the beat, the preacher, and the lush and sexy wails. Lovely, just lovely.

7. The Beatles | A Day In The Life
I understand why Brian Wilson felt inadequate after listening to this song. The dream sequence (as I refer to it) in which McCartney voice is soaring high in the mix and then the crescendo starts still gives me goose bumps.

8. The Cure | Pictures Of You
I can't decide if I like the single version or the album version the best. Anyhow, the production is magnificent (chorus, big snare, lots of reverberation etc) and the lyrics really appeal to me with its cathartic qualities.

9. Band Of Horses | The Funeral
Four strapping young lads with beards, tattoos and flannel shirts singing their hearts out. Ben Bridwell is a genius, and his vocal range is seriously to die for. There is such intensity and soul to this song that is hard to grasp sometimes.

10. Explosions In The Sky | Your Hand Is Mine
A beautiful guitar arpeggio says more than a thousand words. One of the best love songs ever written. Period.