WARMER MIXTAPES #12 | by Damon Moon of Damon Moon And The Whispering Drifters

1. The Highwaymen | Desperados Waiting For A Train
So many great artists have done versions for this song. This one is my favorite... Growing up, most of my relatives lived in Arkansas. A few times a year, my parents and I would go to visit, and a few times, I remember we were driving all night. I remember my mother asleep in the passenger seat, and I was in and out of slumber in the back seat. I remember this song playing on the casette player, and my father singing along, late at night. In particular, I remember him singing to me from the front seat, as I watched the cotton fields of Mississippi pass us by in the twilight. It's been one of my favorite memories all my life.

2. Bobby Charles | I Must Be In A Good Place Now
Oh, so smooth. This is one of my favorite songs for lazy Sunday afternoons. Recently, I was driving around in the mountains of North GA, on a Sunday afternoon, with some wonderful company. This song was on a mix I had, quite fitting. This song made me want to just pull over, throw down a blanket somewhere high on a ridge, and share an incredible view and good conversation, which is exactly what we did. Great memories.

3. Casey Kelly | Poor Boy
One of the great undiscovered gems of the golden days. A few years ago, when I really felt like I was starting to grow alot as an individual, this song represented so much to me, and it still does. Hunt this one down if you can find it! At one time, I wanted to get the chorus of this song tattooed somewhere. A poor boy's love is a sweet thing, a poor boy's life is a free thing. Hell, as I relisten to the song now, I still might!

4. Damien Jurado | And Now That I'm In Your Shadow
I first heard this song, maybe a year ago, and instantly fell in love with the whole record, which is titled after this song. The pain and honesty in this song is beautiful, and I can surely relate. From what I take from the song, I've experienced similar situations a few times in my life, and I can't help but instantly go to an introspective, pondering place when I hear this tune.

5. Gerry Rafferty | Mr. Universe
When I started making this list, I knew I'd pick a song off this album, but I knew it'd be damn near impossible...And it was. This song brings back plenty of memories of an old friend/band mate and I. For whatever reason, it makes me think of one winter evening in particular. We had just been hanging out all day, playing music, listening to records, and drinking rum. I remember laying on the floor and listening to this song, with some sparkling idealism of playing huge festivals and taking over the world. Oh, wonderful youth. Haha.

6. Gram Parsons | A Song For You
Okay, so I didn't always love Gram...A few years ago, my 3 best friends and I took a road trip that lasted 26 days. We headed West, did plenty of camping through the desert, and out to California and up the coast, and then back home through other beautiful parts of the country. While we were in the deserts of California, a Gram Parsons album ended up in the cd player, and it was at that time it finally clicked for me. Ever since then, I can't get enough GP. This song reminds me of that day more than most. Still, the best 26 days of life that I've got under my belt.

7. Grateful Dead | Friend Of The Devil
A pretty obvious choice. I've never been much into the Dead, especially not what they've been made into these days, but it doesn't get much better than this song for me. I've always felt a pretty stong connection to this one. It could be another from my youth. Traveling alot at a young age, this was on of the soundtrack. I think being young, and hearing all the Americana and all the wisdom in this recording, just reconfirmed for me at a young age that the road would be a huge part of my life... Thank you Jerry!

8. The Honeybus | Be Thou By My Side
One of the most beautiful tunes ever written in my opinion. The music is in this song is so simple, adolescent, and honest, as are the intentions of the singer. I think more than anything, this song reminds me of what it was like to experience love as a young man. Everything seemed so simple at that time, and that's an important part of youth that, as you grow older, you start to appreciate the naivety in... Then you grow another grey hair while you listen to this great song on repeat.

9. Nick Drake | Northern Sky
So I had myself a lovely lady for a while. This was one of her favorite songs ever, and it grew to be one of mine throughout the time we spent together. It still reminds me of her, and of one day that we went to a cheesy little fall festival here in the mountains. The weather was pretty amazing that day, and everything seemed to fall right into place. This song is right on with the vibe of that day. Good memories.

10. Townes Van Zandt | Highway Kind
Enough said... Everything this man did was incredible, and he's been a huge influence on me in every way. This song imparticular, has haunted me since the day I heard it. It's so simple and so painful. It puts the love/hate relationship that one has with the road, the loneliness, and the life that comes with it, in words that couldn't ring any more true than they do here. The way the song ends is a little abrupt, and it leaves an unfinished, restless feeling to it all, which is only fitting. One of my favorites of all time.