WARMER MIXTAPES #22 | by Hans-Peter Lindstrøm [Lindstrøm]

1. Funkadelic | Red Hot Momma
Classic Psychedelic Rock, with a nice spoken varispeed-intro.

2. Akron/Family | Everyone Is Guilty
I just discovered this great new release, the intro is especially good.

3. I Was A King | Golden Years
Just a short simple song with a great little chorus, from fellow Norwegians.

4. Captain Beefheart | Candle Mambo
Marimba always sounds fresh in Rock music.

5. Sidsel Endresen | Waiting Train
Superb vox, synth and drums. An old favourite.

6. Jobriath | World Without End
I just discovered this guy. Sounds like Bowie joined Queen in 1973.

7. Raphael Saadiq | Never Give You Up
I'd like to invite Mr. Stevie Wonder ...To my album...Come on Stevie!

8. Laurie Anderson | Same Time Tomorrow
Laurie is amazing.

9. John Cale | Child's Christmas In Wales
I just bought this on vinyl, and I wonder why I haven't heard this before.

10. Cliff Richard | We Don't Talk Anymore
I can't stand him, but this song is actually very good. It's about time to check out some vintage 80's Rod Stewart as well.