WARMER MIXTAPES #24 | by Patrick Jensen of PATS

Here's some songs who made my life good from time to time.

1. DeVotchKa | Til The End Of Time
I first heard this when I lived in Tiburon - San Francisco, watching the film Little Miss Sunshine. Probably the most beautiful piece of work I have ever heard. Makes me want to move back to California, and live the good life.

2. Neutral Milk Hotel | In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
One of the greatest bands ever! And this song is inspired by one of the greatest books ever - Diary Of Anne Frank. People who do not like this is shit and shallow.

3. Bright Eyes | Going For The Gold
Conor Oberst is probably one of the greatest and most honest songwriters the last 15 years back.

4. Regina Spektor | Somedays
A friend of mine asked me what song I would listen to if I was in an airplane soon to crash. This song only. By the most beautiful person ever.

5. Tortoise | I Set My Face To The Hillside
Just beautiful. Don't need no voice...

6. The Arcade Fire | Old Flame
This band made me enjoy music after a long period of constant illness towards all meaningless bands who entered my ears.

7. The Pixies | Velouria
This song inspired me to write my first song.

8. The Plan | Friends Getting Cold
Theodor Jensen - one of the greatest songwriters ever from Sweden. Unfortunately he knows what he is speaking of.

9. Modest Mouse | World At Large
I listened to this song every night for four months when one of the the best persons I have ever known left Sweden for Australia.

10. Nico | Somewhere There's A Feather
Can not think of anything to say about this song, except it makes me feel good about myself even when I know I am a mess.