WARMER MIXTAPES #26 | by Jon Bathmus of The A-Sides and Sun Airway

1. George Benson | Golden Slumbers
I found a copy of George Benson's The Other Side Of Abbey Road at a flea market for 25 cents. The record is made up entirely of interpretations of songs from The Beatles album Abbey Road. It starts off with Golden Slumbers and it is so completely epic and gorgeous. I picked it up 3 years ago and still put it on constantly. His version of Here Comes The Sun is equally brilliant.

2. Spiritualized | Lay Back In The Sun
There's no reason that this song shouldn't be loved by everyone in the known Universe. Perfect noisy dense pop music. If I could program the worlds radios, this would be a number one hit.

3. The Beach Boys | Surf's Up
This needs no explanation. If you've ever listened to anything I've done it should come as no surprise to hear about my Brian Wilson/Beach Boys obsession. The lyrics by Van Dyke Parks are so beautiful and haunting as well in this one. As impossible as it would be to pick my absolute favorite song, this would probably be the one. I will be listening to this regularly for as long as I live and I have no doubt that it will hit me just as hard every time.

4. George Harrison | Awaiting On You All
All Things Must Pass is the first solo Beatles album I ever heard and it's still my favorite, and this is my favorite song on it. I know George Harrison (and a lot of other folks) later complained about overproduction by Phil Spector but here it is so spot-on. Aside from the obvious girl groups, etc. this is my favorite Spector production. Epically dense, and so warm you could dive right in.

5. The Temptations | Ain't To Proud To Beg
When my old band first played in Detroit, we made time the following day to visit the Motown museum and old studio. It was incredible to beable to stand right in the room that so many of my favorite songs were recorded in, and lead my tour group in an impromptu performance of My Girl. I have never felt an energy like that in any space I have been in my entire life. Stevie Wonder's drum set is sitting right there, and everything is so beautifully preserved! But I digress...Ain't To Proud To Beg is just one of my favorites but it is also my go-to karaoke song so I give it preferential treatment.

6. Brian Eno | The Big Ship
I wouldn't mind if this was looping in my brain for the rest of my life. Beautiful warm electronics that melt inside my skull.

7. Beethoven | Moolight Sonata (performed by Rudoph Serkin)
My favorite piece of classical music is not obscure at all. This is the kind of recording that makes me want to work really hard or quit music completely. I can't imagine any composition more perfect and well played. Especially the third movement.

8. Sam Cooke | Bring It On Home To Me
If I had his pipes, I would just sing all day long, every day. I love a lot of old soul singers but for me, Sam Cooke is king. And this song is about as good as it gets if you ask me.

9. The Cure | Friday I'm In Love
I swear this is possibly the best pop song in history. Satisfying in every possible way. For a long time this set the bar for me for pop songwriting perfection. If I could write something this complete I would die a happy man.

10. Bob Dylan | Black Diamond Bay
Bob Dylan made me believe in poetry. His influence on music is impossible to overstate and I am no exception. I can't even count the times that I've sat down with his records and just had my mind blown repeatedly. Through the years, Desire has become possibly my favorite Dylan album and Black Diamond Bay sums up everything I love about it.