WARMER MIXTAPES #28 | by Anton Kristiansson of Charlie

1. Joy Division | Atmosphere
If the world were coming to an end I believe that this would be the soundtrack. This song is huge. Humongous.

2. Tuxedomoon | In A Manner Of Speaking
I first heard this song from my good friend and at that time flatmate Alex (also known as Cloud). I said that it sounded retarded and laughed at him. Then after a couple plays I was stuck but too embarrassed to tell him. I secretly searched the web for the band I believed was called Men In Tuxedo without luck. Half a year later I found it. So if you read this Alex, yes, I love this song...

3. Jay-Z | Never Change
Jay-Z's The Blueprint is the best hip hop album ever made. Therefore the best track on the album should logically be the best hip hop song ever made, right?

4. Outkast | Roses
People always bring up Hey Ya as one of the greatest pop songs in modern time. To me Roses is 100 times bigger.

5. The Church | Under The Milky Way
I've never like bagpipes. I find it hard to believe that anyone likes bagpipes. Its probably the worst instrument in the world. I fucking hate bagpipes. Still I love this song. I even love the bagpipes on this song.

6. Supertramp | Crime Of The Century
It's too much. Over the top. All in a possitive way. It even has a saxophone solo.

7. Broder Daniel | When We Were Winning
If you have listened to my music you probably know that I like Broder Daniel a whole lot. It's hard to pick a favorite song but lately I have found myself relating to the lyrics of this song in so many ways. All my friends at unemployed, not needed in this world. How can you not relate to that in these times of recession?

8. Warren G & Nate Dogg | Regulate
I've been listening to this song ever since I got it on a compilation album called Mega Rap for my 8th birthday. The fact that I still like it and listen too it should be enough said.

9. Nico | Secret Side
Fuck The Velvet Underground. To me Nico is best on her own, alone with her organ.

10. Beanie Sigel, Freeway & Young Chris | I Can't Go On This Way
Philadelphia's three best rappers on the same song. I think Beanie is one of the most looked over rappers of all time. A friend once told me I only listen to Beanie and Scarface nowadays, they speak the truth on every song in difference from these other bullshit rapper. I'll co-sign on that.