WARMER MIXTAPES #32 | by Andrew Jernigan [Phaseone]

1. Art Of Noise | Moments In Love
This song has been sampled so many times and if I could sample it in every one of my songs I would. Ten minutes long and I never get bored. There are some parts of the song that are really stupid and annoying but they make you appreciate the main melody when it comes back in.

2. Fleetwood Mac | Dreams
This shit cuts my soul. The best breakup song ever. I love all three of them harmonizing on the chorus. This band is so important to me, like The Beatles are to everyone else. My mom loves Fleetwood Mac.

3. The Beach Boys | Don't Worry Baby
This is foreshadowing of what would be Brian's celebrated writing and arrangement style with Pet Sounds. I like this one a lot because it's not as self-involved as the material on Pet Sounds, which is my favorite The Beach Boys album, but the vocal arrangement and chord progression are perfect.

4. My Bloody Valentine | Sometimes
I can't understand a word they're saying, but the song is beautiful. An added bonus was seeing it in that film. Apparently the synth solo at the end is Belinda Butcher's voice processed and transposed on a sampler. I love how they were a rock band using samplers back then.

5. Massive Attack | Everywhen
I thought this was a girl singing for something like 3 years. I didn't have a clue who Horace Andy was. This whole album is huge to me, and completely underrated.

6. Corona | Rhythm Of The Night
I don’t really know what to say about this song. I love it. Why is the hook 5 bars long?

7. Sigur Rós | Untitled #8 (aka Popplagið aka The Pop Song)
The most satisfying epic song I've ever heard and the most transcendental live concert experience I've ever had.

8. The Streets | Weak Become Heroes
This is an old song but I just recently heard it and I keep going back to it. The lyrics and music are both really heavy. It's an ode to early 90's UK rave culture which I'm obsessed with. I'm really bummed that I'm too young and too far away and too disconnected to have gotten a chance to be apart of all that.

9. Animal Collective | Bluish
They really reminded me of The Beatles on this song. The part with the crazy modulation right before the hook fucks me up every time. This whole album is almost perfect and this is definitely the standout track for me. The lyrics are very sentimental and applicable to the relationship I'm in.

10. Eddie Kendricks | Intimate Friends
I forgot all about this song, and then I heard it in a record store a few years ago and had this really intense moment of appreciation and took it home that day. The song and the recording are both perfect.