WARMER MIXTAPES #34 | by David Perry of The Laze

1. The Doors | The Changeling
I have a strict dance routine for this pumping number, it's figurative. Don't take the doors for granted, it's too easy.

2. Giorgio Moroder | Paul's Theme (Jogging Chase)
I chose this because it is cool to say his name right now. Coincidently, and lucky for you, I love this brooder. Actually I don't care if this is cool, i like it anyway.

3. Philip Glass | Funeral Of Amenhotep III
Opera is the radddest thing ever, mostly as your dad is bad ass. This is about my favourite pharoah Akhnaten, proper delusions of grandeur - serious meglo la. Unfortunately his successors tried to erase him from history. Fortunately, Glass has an eraser eraser.

4. John Smith | Whip Her To Death
Because I am still thinking about opera and your dad. Totally heavy.

5. Iron Monkey | Fink Dial
These hard dudes make blood puddles seem attractive. I love smashing my face into this song. Long, hard, slow smashing. Heart attack, lungs...

6. Jelly Roll Morton | New Orleans Bump
Fucking sludge core swamp jams. Sometimes trumpets are the top trumps. Useful trivia: I was sozzled whore in the 1920's.

7. Jan Hammer | Oceans And Continents
From a concept album about the 7 days in which a god made stuff. I put this on in the morning to stem the tears.

8. Brad Fiedel | Terminator Love Theme
Hot sex despite shiny skeletons, hotel sweat interlude to pcp chrome. I learnt this on the piano so I could bring every party to a stand still.

9. ELO | Yours Truly, 2095
Their album Time is so perfect. This can't fail to make you smile. I desperately need a girlfriend that is also a telephone, I keep losing my mobile but I can't shake the ladies.

10. R Kelly | Ignition (Remix)
Despite totally ripping Frank Zappa off, Mr. Kelly is still a modern day genius. Fresh out the dangerous kitchen. I would let him piss on me.