WARMER MIXTAPES #9 | by Jens Lekman

1. Jo Nissi | I Miss The Sound Of Your Little Feet
It's either a song about losing a child, or losing a lover with very small feet.

2. Motorcycle Gang | If It Comes To That
It's not much of a gang though. I played with this guy in Ohio somewhere and accidentally spilled coffee over his notebook, wiping out his notes. Later that night he played a kind of music that seemed unaware of its composer, songs that sailed through the air saying Look at me move. Brilliant.

3. Origin Of The Species | The Origin Of The Origin Of The Species
A collection of their first singles and EP's. My friends think they are jerks but I know they're the sweetest guys in North-East Gothenburg, and also one of the few acts that still remain interesting in my old hometown. Next year they will be the only ones left on the scene, it's natural selection.

4. The Pistils | The Dandruff On Your Shoulder
The Australian music scene is very much like it's ecology. Plant a foreign seed and it takes over. These pistils are reaching for The Sun.

5. Lars Ulrich | Kiosk
Next to Paul Potts, this guy really has the most unfortunate name. But no, it's not the drummer from Metallica, Lars used to be the guitarist in Fire Routine if you remember them. Last year he put out a crime novel in ten chapters as ten songs on ten 7" vinyls. Kiosk is also like a crime novel, only the murderer is exactly who you think it is.

6. Demis Borg | As Long As You Don't Call Me Sloppy Boppy
Demis said it. There are limits, enough is enough.

7. Gabriel Larsson | On Auto Reply
Another glorious release from this old hermit. Recorded in his cabin while living on a freight ship with just a handful of Jazzy major 7 chords and his voice. Have you ever heard the mermaids sing?

8. PNT | Midnight In My Mind
I'm sure everyone's already in love with this one. And what's not to love.

9. Camilla Sullivan | A Heart The Size Of A Schoolboy's Head
The grand old lady of plucked strings and caustic one-liners.

10. The Evening Paper | Art Is A Lie That Shows Us The Truth
Was it Pablo Picasso who said that? These are ten lies that are very true to me.