WARMER MIXTAPES #61 | by Maja Milner of Makthaverskan and Iberia

1. Cocteau Twins | Iceblink Luck
...Is one of the worlds greatest band. And listening to this song makes you feel like there's something more to it all, something bigger. Besides that it makes me smile.

2. This Mortail Coil | Song To The Siren
It's the same girl singing as in Cocteau Twins, and her voice is fantastic. You should listen to this song if you're heartbroken and wants to think about your love, even though you know that it's wrong.

3. Paddington Distortion Combo | I Fucked Up
This is a song to relate to, if you've fucked up you can always listen to this and feel that you're not alone. And also, it's an amazing song.

4. Broder Daniel | Out Of This Town
It's not much to say about this song, listen to it and you'll know why I choosed it.

5. Fosca | It's Going To End In Tears (All I Know)
It makes me feel angry and happy at the same time, like I want to hit someone but also kiss someone. It's a wonderful feeling.

6. The Cure | Funeral Party
I've listen to The Cure for a long time, but never really noticed this song. Everytime I hear it, I think of my best friend, Irma. And I love her something enormous...

7. My Darling YOU! | Laura
I've had the best summer in my life now 2009. And this song makes me nostalgic, I think about all my friends and all we did, long cardrives in the countryside with My Darling YOU! playing loud in the backround.

8. The Magnetic Fields | Epitaph For My Heart
I love The Magnetic Fields. I don't know why this is my favourite song with them, but it brings out feelings.

9. The Church | Under The Milkyway
This is the song that I always listen to when I'm in a car and wants to sleep. Works everytime.

10. Bonnie Taylor | Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Never ever fall in love!