1. Bel Canto | Unicorn
The dude in this band is my old neighbour in Tromsø (Norway), and the singer - Anneli Drecker - is one of the best vocalists in the world. It’s hard to choose one track by this imaginative duo, but Unicorn is my all-time favourite Bel Canto song.

2. Mythos | When The Show's Just Begun
Genius pop and synthesizerish krautprog from Berlin, on the legendary Sky Records. A near perfect song and production.

3. Supersempfft | Roboterwerke
An impossible cool retro futuristic gem from 1979. This brilliance is what electronic artists today aim for.

4. Stealers Wheel | Waltz (You Know It Makes Sense)
Hans-Peter Lindstrøm turned me onto this track years ago. Most people know the band for their hit Stuck in the Middle With You but this is song writing on a completely different level.

5. Ithaca | A Game For All Who Know
This is a creativity deep dive. It starts in space - turns folky - and ends up somewhere…Somewhere else.

6. Scott Matthews | Elusive
There are so many singer/song writer songs that should have been included here. I landed on this though.

7. Lenny | Living Is Mistaken
One of the many fantastic songs from my despicably talented friend Lenny’s debut album Boomerang - out in 2010. It comes highly recommended!

8. Peppe Voltarelli | Bene Nun Ci 'nne
I don’t speak Italian but this sounds like some recipe for a magical dish. A dish only to be eaten at full moon!...

9. Camel | Song Within A Song
Talking of the moon: from the 1976 album Moonmadness comes this epic journey from a forward-looking band’s desire to transcend thousands of ideas into one song - within a song.

10. Robin Guthrie, Harold Budd | How Close Your Soul
Ambient maestro Harold Budd teams up with Cocteau TwinsRobin Guthrie, and the result is this absurdly beautiful piece of music.