WARMER MIXTAPES #86 | by Edwin Van Cleef

1. André Cymone | Kelly's Eyes
This literally has everything, it's probably the greatest song ever made...Maybe I'm being a tad hyperbolic but you seriously cannot listen to this and not love it. It has all the ingredients: An awesome catchy riff; lyrics about a random girl (why are they always the best?); and an awesome bassline. Maybe it's because I've only just recently discovered the album Livin' In The New Wave by André Cymone (I know I'm 18 years late) but it all seems so brilliant to me.

2. Robin Gibb | Rebecca
Another song about a girl that the singer may or may not have known. I've always wanted to do a song like this actually just so if I met a girl who has the same name as the song I could be all like Yeah, I totally wrote this song for you. Robin Gibb really should have done more solo stuff.

3. Ultravox | Private Lives
It's not exactly the most famous Ultravox song but when I first heard it I was in love. The unnassuming piano intro turns into just this epic synth/guitar lead and it's just so over the top it's impossible to not just want to go for a night drive and cruise along at like 200mph. The bit at the end where everything stops and it goes into the synth solo is just fantastic, without fail it totally makes me want to go out.

4. Marillion | Kayleigh
Yes, another song named after some random girl, I wasn't joking when I said they were the best. There's something weird about such a creepy guy called Fish hanging around with kids. He is singing such an awesome song though I guess if I was a kid I'd want to hang around him too...I digress, it's all about the guitar solo in the middle. So damn cool!

5. Imagination | Body Talk
It's weird that I used to hate this track, I think it's because I previously never listened past the intro. I don't know what I was thinking though as it's absolutely magnificent, the intro definitely doesn't give anything away about how great the rest of the song is. It is a bit of a marmite song though as I know a bunch of people that hate this, well those people are wrong, the little synth stabs are just pure sex.

6. Alexander O'Neal | If You Were Here Tonight
This song is just beautiful. Seriously, the sounds used in this are just so nice, why is pop music not like this anymore? It really, really should be.

7. Industry | State Of The Nation
The inspiration for my remix of DatA - Rapture, I accidentally found it when I was in a bit of a rut musically and I just had to do something with it. The intro is just awesome and the little synth lead at the start is so simple yet so evocative. Everything about it is just really really nice.

8. George Duke | Reach Out
Coolest. Song. Ever. I'm not saying it's the best, it's just massively cool. And funky. The funkiest song ever as well.

9. Zapp & Roger | Dance Floor
Okay I've changed my mind, this is the coolest song ever. The bassline is just epic, and the talkbox vocals are wicked. I really want to use a talkbox, especially after the awesome ways it was used by Zapp & Roger but I've got two main problems: 1) They cost money, and 2) I'm a bit scared of the tube you have to put down your throat.

10. Number One Ensemble | Mr. Luck
I don't remember why I know this song, I just know it's like everything-is-going-to-be-sweet concentrated into music form (except the bit that sounds like Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street, that bit is kinda depressing). I found it recently on my trawl through YouTube videos but I've definitely heard it before that.