WARMER MIXTAPES #91 | by Shane Matthew Durrant of Desmond & The Tutus

1. The Magnetic Fields | I Think I Need A New Heart
The 'Fields revolutionised how I think about music. The cynical look on love, the unusual outlook on life and the genius way it all comes together in the songs.

2. Franz Ferdinand | Michael
Back when I only listened to dance and hip hop this song slapped me in the face, grabbed my shoulders and shouted: Hey Shane, you can dance to rock music you know!

3. Rilo Kiley | The Frug
I've got a real soft spot for songs about dance moves.

4. Billie The Vision And The Dancers | Groovy
I think my love of The Magnetic Fields led to my love of Swedish pop music, the Swedes inherited a lot from Stephin Merritt - their cooky take on pop culture is adorable.

5. Brenda Fassie | Weekend Special
Brenda Fassie is a pioneer for South African music, listening to this song and learning about it's international success helped me realise how cool it is to get famous for being yourself.

6. Mos Def | Ms. Fat Booty
Mos Def's sense of storytelling on this track is great. I like to think that my songs sometimes work like old school storytelling hip hop songs.

7. The Decemberists | The Sporting Life
Another fantastic example of awesome storytelling.

8. Eat This Horse | Come And Dance In The Wooden Halls
A South African band that didn't make nearly as huge a splash as they should have, Eat This Horse are a tragic event in the South African music industry. If we had the right managers and labels in this place these guys would have been huge.

9. Frankie Lymon | Little Bitty Pretty One
Of course, my love of cute poppy music all stems from one place - the 50s.

10. Maxïmo Park | Our Velocity
Maxïmo Park is a band that contually inspires me with their dynamic take on indie rock, and, man, when Paul sings Love is a lie which means I've been lied to my head wants to explode.