WARMER MIXTAPES #101 | by Kevin Alvir [The Hairs] of Cowards and Knight School

1. The Aislers Set | Long Division
This is a no-brainer of a song to like in the indiepop world. There are hooks abound. The one note organ riff and the handclaps with the soul rhythm are hooky for sure. But what gets me is that this song is about someone who just wants to be alone with their thoughts and their paintbox and kick everyone out. This song makes me feel like a bad-ass.

2. Sportsguitar | Romeo Goes
I tell anyone that I like this band and I get who the hell are they? as a response. I'm not sure what this song is about really. It sounds like it's a song about a drug dealer whose life seems frantic and hectic with a wistful air. I think this band is amazing. The production is so dry and the lead guitar controls my mood for 4 minutes.

3. Royal Trux | Back To School
This song sounds like drugs. I just get memories of walking around my neighborhood in the woods at night with wet autumn leaves beneath my feet, wondering when I'll get out of my private school hell and live beyond wishing I was on the lacrosse team.

4. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names | Noodles
I find this song funny. Musicians are by and large emotionally retarded. I might be one of these people. The story is about being a fuck-up and growing up when you cannot.

5. Television Personalities | The Man Who Paints The Rainbow
In Kabbalah (I'm not a jewish mystic, btw) , there is a saying about relationships: When the one stops being the ONE, that's when the relationship really starts. Sometimes, when I like someone I think they're God. This reminds me they're not.

6. Times New Viking | Teenage Lust!
Times New Viking are loud and have killed my hearing through my iPod. Regardless, this song captures the desperation for connection with some noise that I cannot always decipher.

7. Elastica | Nothing Stays The Same
I hate change.

8. The Clean | Do Your Thing
I don't think this is a popular choice for the best Clean song. But it comes in handy when I get wind that I'm the biggest fucking loser in the world. (womp, womp)

9. Joanna Newsom | Peach, Plum, Pear
I get kind of sick of relationship songs. Do I really need an audio version of He's Just Not That Into You (the movie)? Here, Joanna expertly references self-help books to decipher the object of her affection. She's not victimized and her timbre isn't whiny (otherworldly, yes). She goes through the motions, but she knows when to run and save herself. I just feel like there's a sense of wisdom about this song and Joanna herself.

10. Imperial Teen | Open Season
The combination of title, lyrics, sound, and images play with my mind a lot. There's no clear narrative, but one is felt. The lines Preparing your face for crying on cue...You're painting your nails while eating for two are really intriguing to me. It's kinda dark but bounces along sounding like Blondie or The Amps. But y'know nothing's ever totally bad or good.