WARMER MIXTAPES #97 | by Eleanor Seabird

I think it's a great concept and to really see songs that inspire other bands and learn their stories as a musician is comforting. Well, I guess here goes my 10 of my favourite songs and what they mean to me.

The Velvet Underground | Jesus
I just remember hearing this song and thinking, Are they being ironic or serious?...In any event I like the song because it can take on either meaning and for me I like to think that it can be a hip lo-fi spiritual song.

2. Gal Costa | I Fall In Love Too Easily
The title of the song says it all, but I must say Gal Costa is one of my favourite artists and this song is very simple pretty song about a bad habit of mine.

Colin Blunstone | Caroline Goodbye
Just a really really great song that I play over and over again.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers | Anything That's Rock 'N' Roll
This song puts me in such a great mood. It's cool and fun to turn up as loud as you can and sing and dance to.

5. John Cale | You Know Me More Than I Know
When things turn to shit and I need to go for a long long walk down my street to sort myself out. This is the song I have on repeat.

6. Juliette Gréco | Sous Le Ciel De Paris
I heard this song in a film and fell absoultely in love with it.

Steely Dan | FM
They were geniuses. So ahead of their time as far as their sound and their lyrics. I really really admire them and how they really had this sound that was original in every sense of the world.

Jacques Brel | Les Bonbons
This man was amazing. I don't know a word of French but somehow I can understand everything he is singing about. That is what is so beautiful about his voice. He really connects with each song he sings and makes you connect as well.

9. The Zombies | I Want Her She Wants Me
This is a sweet cute romantic song. I like to play it when I miss my boyfriend.

10. Orleans | Dance With Me
I grew up listening to a lot of music from the 70s and I remember just driving along this coming on the radio. I never knew the words or the title of the song till about 15 years later when I heard by chance.