WARMER MIXTAPES #137 | by Amitai Keller (Didi Mao) and Loric Sih (Late Young) of Water Borders

SIDE A | by Loric Sih

1. Fever Ray | When I Grow Up
Pretty close to my idea of a perfect song. Can't get over the way the drums come in.

2. Cocteau Twins | Pandora
Amazingly beautiful instrumentation/vocals though for the record I hate Avatar.

3. Love Joys | Sweet Feelings
Ultimate good times lovers rock guaranteed to get any group of people doing Shaba-dap-shadaps and Shabayabadehs.

4. Nite Jewel | What Did He Say
In my opinion the best of the new lo-fi disco type scene. Spooky with an undeniable groove.

5. Crass | Darling
When I was 15 I had never heard anyone sing like this before and I wasn't down. But as soon as I stopped listening to punk it became my favorite.

6. Chris And Cosey | Pressure Drop
They're idea of roots reggae ends up sounding like Kraftwerk making dubstep on acid.

7. Joy Orbison | J. Doe
A perfectly blissed out peak-time builder, 3/4 of the way through before it changes chords and the real beat comes in.

8. Zola Jesus | Clay Bodies
A goth monster ballad.

9. Pearson Sound | Wad
Drums, drums, drums, drums. And a little chopped up female vocal sample. What more does one need?

10. SWV | Anything (feat. Method Man and ODB)
This song was on the Above The Rim soundtrack. The first tape I owned. And the Wu-Tang/basketball presence made it OK for you to listen to without being made fun of.

SIDE B | by Amitai Heller

1. Zohar Argov | Haperach Begani
Behold the king of Mizrachi music and his signature song. Certain Israeli family members have mocked me for my love of this man but I’m gonna stand by him. Lyrics are drivel but this is truly one of the great voices of the 20thcentury.

2. Phil Ochs | One Way Ticket Home
My favorite songwriter of them all. Phil Ochs’s post-success period is full of a hammy orchestration that echoes the depths of his resignation. This is the one where he sings I would be in exile now but everywhere’s the same. Dark.

3. Coil | Fire Of The Mind
Intensely moving and spiritual song. This song made me rethink how to go about creating vocal tension.

4. Dystopia | Stress Builds Character
During my time spent working as a janitor I would blast this song through the sound system at the beginning and end of every shift. When I listen to this I smell mop.

5. Theatre Of Hate | Judgement Hymn
Band has many class tracks but this is the one with the perfect vocal melody.

6. The Birthday Party | The Friend Catcher
I bought The Birthday Party’s Hits album after hearing a Nick Cave song on the Batman Forever soundtrack in 8th grade. I must have put this album on 20 times before making it through the first track. Now when I hear this song I can remember my horror and revulsion at being let in on a secret that no 13 year old should know.

7. Wildildlife | Shining Son
If you were to believe everything you read on YouTube comments you’d discover that this band was way fucking gnarly and that the user named zsrr is really fucking stoned right now.

8. Fred Neil | Dolphins
This song is even further enhanced when you discover Fred Neil’s humanitarian commitment to the preservation of dolphins and dolphin culture.

9. Glasser | Apply
I’ve known Cameron for many years but had not an idea of her immense talents. I’ve gotta stop taking my friends for granted. Apply is the first track of hers that I heard and so it remains my favorite but they’re all their own little sound worlds.

10. Porter Wagoner | The Rubber Room
Wait for it…Wait for it….Wait for it…. A PSYCHO!