WARMER MIXTAPES #143 | by Mikael Carlsson [The Honeydrips] of Dorotea

1. The Cure | Charlotte Sometimes
These days I find myself listening a lot to The Cure circa 1981. Charlotte Sometimes is an astonishingly eerie and sad masterpiece based on Penelope Farmer's novel with the same name.

2. The Specials | Ghost Town
Speaking of eerie...

3. Cocteau Twins | Sugar Hiccup
Elizabeth Fraser's voice is the gothic little sister of Dusty Springfield's voice.

4. Most Valuable Players | Some Nerve
Just beautiful. Their best song yet and Hugo's vocals has such nerve!

5. Eyeless In Gaza | New Risen
Most Valuable Players made me remember this old classic. I bought their album some seven-eight years ago, and listened to this song over and over.

6. Alicia Keys | Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
She's still got it.

7. The Clash | Armagideon Time
They sure knew how to take an old song and turn it into their own. The production is top notch.

8. Paul McCartney | Monkberry Moon Delight
It's fascinating how throughout his carreer, he combines absolute brilliance with absolute nonsense. Sometimes, an odd gem like this one just happens to come about. In my ears, this song sounds like a mixture of Leadbelly, music hall and, well, Iron Maiden. Just listen to the guitar lick! And mind you, this was years before Iron Maiden even existed.

9. John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman | They Say It's Wonderful
Johnny Hartman's voice reminds me of when Jiminy Cricket sings When You Wish Upon A Star on Christmas Eve (on Swedish television). I suppose it has something to do with childhood lost.

10. Nancy Adams | Love
...And speaking of childhood lost...Once we watched the lazy world go by...Now the days seem to fly... A thousand different feelings overwhelm me when I hear this song. One of my all time favourites.