WARMER MIXTAPES #145 | by Anthony Comte [The Phantom's Revenge]

Here is my top 10! Wasn't easy to choose (but I guess everyone must say that) so I picked The Most Played tracks in my iPod.

1. Radiohead | Reckoner
Before I started to make music, I used to listen to house music and funk only, then I opened my ears to everything I could, this song is my favourite. Reminds me of a lot of things because that song follows me everywhere I go through my iPod, but above all it reminds of the great trips I've been to thanks to music. I think I have listened to that track at least one time every day since I know it. The entire In Rainbows album is really cool tho.

2. Double Exposure | My Love Is Free
7,39 minutes of happiness. The singer's voice is amazing, the instrumental is perfect. This track is more effective than a thousand boxes of antidepressants, and every doctor should consider that track as a medication to help people getting better. If I had a time machine, first I would use it to go back to 1976 and see that track played live by the band (and then I'll try to take care of world wars and stuffs like that, yeah it's selfish). Every track made by this band is a classic, just look for Everyman, Ten Percent and Baby I Need Your Loving, you can't go wrong, even if you're not so much into disco music.

3. David Bowie | A Lad In Vain
2 years ago, I was introduced to the great David Bowie thanks to a Soulwax edit of Rebel Rebel I've found on a blog, of course I knew the man and some of his songs but I had never tried to dig deeper. Then I almost listened to his entire discography and randomly found this unreleased track. I don't really know the history behind track, I assume it was recorded in the same time than Aladdin Sane. I really love this track, the piano part is fantastic.

4. Daft Punk | High Fidelity
It's impossible for me to not put a Daft Punk track in this tracklist. This one is my favourite. When the album was released, I was 14 years old and I didn't care so much about music but maybe 1 or 2 years later I bought the album on vynil, this is the kind of thing you remember because this album had such a big impact on house music. Daft Punk introduced me to house music and I really mean it, not just because it was a fantastic album but because Teachers actually introduced me to...The teachers...Paul Johnson, DJ Funk, DJ Sneak, Kenny Dope, Louis Vega, Roy Davis, Armand Van Helden...The way they use the Billy Joel sample in High Fidelity is ridiculously great.

5. Queen | Don't Stop Me Now
Can't think of a better song to feel good. I'm one of the people who thinks Freddie Mercury was the greatest singer of all time. I can't say if Queen is my favourite band but this is one of the rare band that I almost like all the songs.

6. Mr. Oizo | Patrick122
This track is important to me because it's the track that pushed me into the game (I mean making music). The way he used the sample inspired me a lot. This man is a crazy freakin genius. The details in each track he made are impressive, I recommend to everyone to find a good and quite place and listen carefully to his album with good headphones.

7. The Rolling Stones | Paint It Black
From the soundtrack of my favourite movie, Full Metal Jacket. The first time I saw this movie I was like Wow!...And this Rolling Stones track on the end credits killed me.

8. Lil Wayne | Let The Beat Build
It needed just 5 seconds for me to love that track. The Eddie Kendricks sample Lil Wayne used is perfect, a great example of good sampling. The only Lil Wayne tracks I really like are the one produced by Kanye West (as I'm a big Kanye West fan) like Comfortable, Shoot Me Down and Tie My Hands.

9. Talking Heads | A Clean Break (Let's Work)
This is for me the best band name ever! Each track is special. I just know them since maybe 2 years but I think listened to everything they have ever made (seeing them in live is #2 in my time machine wish list). Pull Up The Roots it's also a fantastic track that I will play on my dj set one of these days.

10. The Doobie Brothers | What A Fool Believes
I think I have listened to this track for the first time in a movie I can't remember the name (not sure if it was a movie but I'm sure that was an American thing), I've never stop loving it since. In 20 years (if the end of the world doesn't happen) I will still love this track and I will still try to sing like Michael Mc Donald (you would be impressed). In the same style I could speak about Hall & Oates and Private Eyes. This is the kind of old cheesy pop song that I love.