WARMER MIXTAPES #147 | by Johannes Arnesson [Owl Vision]

5 tracks that are right now and 5 tracks that are forever classics to me.
Photo by Malin Timfjord.

1. The xx | Infinity
I love their whole album (xx). It's like one big dreamy track out of a David Lynch flick.

2. White Lies | E.S.T.
This one is actually on my forever classics list but since I'm listening to it right now I'll make room for another one on the forever classics. This is my first choice of the tracks on the epic album To Lose My Life. White Lies is like a perfect mixture of the bands I like the most. E.S.T. is like a soundtrack to my favorite movie!

3. Hot Chip | One Life Stand
Makes me think of Depeche Mode's earlier stuff, especially the Speak And Spell album. Great track with a nice melancholic feeling to it!

4. Pnau | With You Forever
Well this is basically an Empire Of The Sun track. I could have chosen a random track from Walking On A Dream but this is actually my favorite one with singer Luke Steele. I love the playfulness in their music. They have created something totally unique!

5. Erol Alkan and Boys Noize | Death Suite
This track is just mental! It's simple yet hardcore. Melodic yet monotone. The feeling in their synthesizers really comes through. Hopefully Erol Alkan will play this track when I see him on one of the festivals that I'm playing this summer!

6. Tears For Fears | Head Over Heels
I didn't really fall in love with this song until I heard it in the movie Donnie Darko. What a fucking amazing track! I fell for it right away and I can listen to it for infinity without getting tired of it. I'm a big sucker for the 80's and this is one of the absolute peaks in my opinion.

7. Depeche Mode | Shake The Disease
This is truly the definition of forever classic for me. I'm a huge fan of Depeche Mode, especially their earlier stuff. The feeling I get when I hear this song is one of a kind.

8. She Wants Revenge | Out Of Control
Dark, mysterious and melodic. It was hard to choose one She Wants Revenge track but this one has to be it. Beautiful!

9. The Presets | If I Know You
I love all of The Presets tracks so I choose the track that fits this playlist the best. The video for this track was also very convincing for the choice.

10. The Galvatrons | Robots Are Cool
I'm not really sure this is a forever classic it's probably more right now... But because it's a track that I've been listening to from on and off since I discovered The Galvatrons about 3 or 4 years ago it kind of hits the forever classics list. 3 years is a long time. This track and many other of their tracks makes me very nostalgic. They make me think of all the stuff I used to do when I was a teenager.