WARMER MIXTAPES #149 | by Andrew McKee, Michael Mandeville, Brant Stuns and Alex Maguire of The Young Friends

SIDE A | by Andrew McKee

1. The Teenagers | Homecoming
This is probably one of the most creative songs musically as well as lyrically. I love the lo-fi sound of this song, and the euphoric summery chorus. And to top it all off, the soft female voice perfectly compliments the sleazy French-accented monologue verses.

2. Peter Bjorn And John | The Chills
One of the best songs by PB and J and is often overlooked by Young Folks off of their album Writer’s Block. Simplicity is perfection.

3. Naughty By Nature | Hip Hop Hooray
I remember hearing this song on the radio all the time when I was really little. Reminds me of the good ole’ days.

4. The Drums | Let’s Go Surfing
This song is pure bliss and I love everything this song and band stands for. The Drums saved pop music. Enough said. (Shout out to Jacob, Caleb and the Holiday Records Crew!)

5. Nite Jewel | Weak 4 Me
I saw this band live before I had heard the record when they opened for Deerhunter. The awesome lo-fi 80’s analog synths and TR-606 beats made me feel like it was prom night in 1985.

6. Nico | These Days
This is one of those go-to songs for a Sunday afternoon. It always makes me feel like I’m in the middle of a summer road trip montage or something.

7. Black Sheep | The Choice Is Yours
This group is pretty fierce. There’s something about the energy from the hip hop groups that came out of New York pre 2000’s that just really catches my attention.

8. Positive K | I Got A Man
The music is carefree and upbeat and the tag team male and female vocals really give this song an ill Fresh Prince vibe. I always imagine walking around Brooklyn in the 90’s with this song playing in the background.

9. Washed Out | Get Up
This is the ultimate 80’s pump-up work out anthem. The lo-fi production is really awesome and works flawlessly with the uber fat synth bass. This is probably the song that would go through my head right after getting in a street fight at midnight.

10. Sonic Youth | Little Trouble Girl
This song doesn't sound quite like most Sonic Youth, but its 50's girl-group-influenced shoegaze is amazing.

SIDE B | by Michael Mandeville

1. Animal Collective | Loch Raven
I first heard this song a few years ago when my sister bought Feels, but I always seemed to skip over it. About a year ago though I listened to this song with a friend and for some reason everything around us went silent as we listened to the beauty Animal Collective had created. I felt a sensation of bliss for 5 minutes, something you don't get to experience everyday. Ever since that moment it has been an important song to me.

2. Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire | Wolf Cry
When I got their EP, Grumpy Little Bird, I was instantly hooked. All the songs are marvelous, but this one really grabbed me. The expression and passion that the singer Jess radiates is very special. This is definitely one of my favorite bands and I highly advise everyone to check them out.

3. New Order | Bizarre Love Triangle
This might be the perfect pop song. The lyrics are so catchy and cheesy, and the music makes you want to dance - really it's just a fantastic song.

4. Miles Davis | Blue In Green (with Bill Evans)
Off one of the greatest albums of all time, Blue In Green has identified itself as a masterpiece. It came on the radio one night when I was heading home and it really made me catch my breath for a second. There isn't a word or phrase that describes the beauty of this track.

5. Pavement | Harness Your Hopes
My sister made me a mix and Pavement was one of the many bands I grew to love because of it. Harness Your Hopes was the song she gave me and the first Pavement song I had heard. I was listening to a lot of electronic and dance music at the time and this was so raw and real. I worship the way Stephen Malkmus writes, and this song's lyrics remain to be my favorite lyrics in a Pavement song.

6. My Bloody Valentine | To Here Knows When
I saw them play at this festival last year knowing maybe a few songs. They jammed this song for a while and it was so loud and pretty that it continued to play in my head for days. I found it later, and now it revives that memory of amidst thousands of people being blown away by all the noises coming from the stage.

7. Radiohead | Idioteque
They have to be my favorite band. I can never really tell how they manage to make some of the noises on this song (or a number of them), but the beat is great and Thom Yorke's vocals are perfect as always.

8. The Strokes | Red Light
One of my favorite guitar harmonies and choruses. It's The Strokes, I don't really have to say much for people to get my point. They are amazing.

9. OutKast | Roses
Ummmmm anything Andre 3000 touches is perfect. Especially this song.

10. Muse | Citizen Erased
There is so much going on in this song. I love how Muse can pull of combining such a heavy hook with slower, lighter parts. This has been a favorite of mine or a long time.

SIDE C | by Alex Maguire

1. Reverie Sound Revue | Rip The Universe
One of my friends mentioned this band to me, and after hearing the first couple songs of the EP, I was hooked. The guitar-work and singing are just so ethereal, plus the vocals are beautiful.

2. The Psychedelic Furs | Heartbreak Beat
The Psychedelic Furs are so awesome. Saxophone? Yes! The chorus just makes me want to dance.

3. Dntel | Last Songs
I got into Dntel through The Postal Service (of course). The acoustic guitar combined with strings and beats makes a song packed with emotion.

4. Memoryhouse | Lately (Deuxième)
The sample of Phone Call from the soundtrack of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is sublime.

5. Surfer Blood | Take It Easy
The ending of this song is incredible. The percussion and guitars intertwine so tightly.

6. Pavement | Gold Soundz
I’m so excited for the whole Pavement revival. This song is essential. The vocals are what do it for me. The lyrics are what do it for me. Cause you’re empty, and I’m empty. So great.

7. Radiohead | Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
I kind of disregarded Amnesiac when I was first getting into Radiohead, but this track is completely haunting. It has an ice dystopian feel to it. Pleasant.

8. Air | La Femme D’Argent
I’m really into jazz, and this song features a perfect combination of jazz and electronica. The electronic piano solo is mellow and bass is groovy.

9. New Order | Temptation
So simple, so good. The riffs repeat throughout the whole song, but it never gets old. Definitely some of the best New Order.

10. Justin Bieber | Baby
SO CATCHY. The first time I heard it, I thought a pubescent girl was singing. Plus, its hysterical when Ludacris raps.

SIDE D | by Brant Stuns

1. The Cure | In Between Days
Again, one of the first bands my parents started exposing me to as a kid. I remember my dad used to play this song when our family would go on road trips. I have been a huge fan of The Cure ever since then. This song reminds me of growing up...The good, the bad, and every aspect of it. Beautiful song.

2. Lightspeed Champion | Midnight Surprise
The most beautiful song ever written. Every single part of this song is amazing. I can listen to it (all ten minutes of it) on repeat and never get bored.

3. M83 | Kim & Jessie
This song reminds me of watching the sunset on a nice autumn day. Probably because I have listened to it most in this scenario.

4. The Teenagers | Homecoming
This song is genius. Enough said.

5. The Drums | I Felt Stupid
Amazing song. I absolutely love everything about it...Um...well... you know, it's an all together new thing...

6. Arctic Monkeys | A Certain Romance
Picking a single Arctic Monkeys song for this was tough. Pretty much every Arctic Monkeys song could have been in this slot. This one has always reminded me of being a kid which is why I love it.

7. The Smashing Pumpkins | Pennies
One of my favorite summer songs. I love listening to it on a hot summer day while watching the sunset with my best friends.

8. Vampire Weekend | Campus
I never got into Vampire Weekend until Andrew showed me this song. Not only did it get me into Vampire Weekend but it also became my favorite song. Reminds me of being a teen in school.

9. Wavves | Mickey Mouse
Not much to say about this one. It's pretty repetitive yet very interesting at the same time. I love driving around with all the windows down at 2 am listening to this song way too loud.

10. Will Smith | Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
Big Willie Style was one of the first CD's my parents let me listen to when I was really, really young. Strange, I know. I have been a Will Smith fan ever since.