WARMER MIXTAPES #151 | by Henrik Jonzon of Nervous Nellie

Here are some songs that I am digging right now & forever.

1. Wilco | You & I
Because it is a song in total harmony, it brings calm to the soul.

2. Pavement | Range Life
Thanks to their 2010 reunion this song has brought back my youth.

3. Gianni Nanni | I Maschi
Everybody loves a slick Italian ballad, as do I.

4. Shout Out Louds | Throwing Stones
No doubt the best track on their new album, mature & gripping.

5. Håkan Hellström | Ziegnarliv Dreamin'
This song has everything good about Sweden packed into it.

6. Nervous Nellie | West Is The Best
Because it is my favourite song on our new album, I feel a sense of pride and development everytime we play it.

7. Lou Reed | Perfect Day
Needs no explanation.

8. David Bowie | Heroes
This song makes me want to change my name to Bowie.

9. Wovlot | Theme Park
I wish I had written this song and that is a true compliment.

10. My Morning Jacket | Knot Comes Loose
Every time I here his voice my body tingles. The guitar harmonies here are out of this world.