WARMER MIXTAPES #159 | by Christian Paga and Sebastian Bentler of Overthrill

SIDE A | by Sebastian Bentler

I've tried to exclude all the contemporary electronic-acts and -classics and focused on more rare and kinda oldschool tunes. Enjoy!

1. Fern Kinney | Baby Let Me Kiss You
When I first heard this song I was delighted that I heard the most sexy and funky voice on earth. Perfect song from beginning to the end. Heaps of style, soul and funk iced with a feeling of summer. One of my all-time favs.

2. Oma Heard | Mr. Lonely Heart
When I heard this rare tune from 1964 first in a very lo-fi version, it was hard to grasp any of the music at all. Despite the bad audioquality it was of such awesome musical quality I knew immediately that I had to get a better quality version. And the first impression held on till
today, I still think this is one of the best songs Motown ever put out.

3. Kula Shaker | Dr. Kitt
First time I approached this tune was in a soundtrack to an internet-video. It has such a classy and fleet-footed vibe I had to download it instantly. Great 60s feel but in a modern way. I certainly love Kula Shaker since then.

4. Bomb The Bass | Bug Powder Dust
When I heard this song long ago in a DJ-set from Liam Howlett (producer of The Prodigy) I couldn't believe my ears. Till then I didn't that tunes as this one even exist. It opened my eyes to the DJ-genius of Liam. It's sparkling with energy all the way through and still sounds cool today.

5. Eddie Holman | Four Walls
I was also introduced to Eddie Holman via a recent DJ-set I heard and was hooked instantly, especially on this song. It sounds so big...Has that soundtrack vibe and a voice filled with so much soul and funk that it is almost spooky. It gives me shivers...

6. The Seeds | Can't Seem To Make You Mine
I first heard a sample of song in a Spank Rock remix of Diplo and loved it although I didn't even know the original back then. Reminiscent of the psychedelic movement this one represents the strange and easygoing vibe from that era perfectly.

7. Holly Golightly | Slowly But Surely
Holly has always some kind of Tarantino coolness to her tracks. Every element she uses oozes of coolness let alone her sensitive and ear-piercing voice. This song is slow but oh so powerful and pounding.

8. Dusty Springfield | Sunny
This song comes in many forms and I love nearly all of them. But this interpretation of Dusty is something very special. It has this big orchestral soundtrack vibe and much more funk than many of the other interpretation. Always a good spirits song.

9. J Dilla | Red Light (feat. J. Davey)
Dilla creates such a dense atmosphere right from the beginning of the track. The lovely voice of Davey lifts the track immediately into an even cooler realm than the track would have be as instrumental. It evokes a mysterious but definitely forward pushing feeling that kinda puts you into
an old Tarantino flick instantly - thinkin of Jackie Brown when listening to it. If you haven't got the chance to listen to Dilla's genius I highly encourage you to dig out his works now. One legend of Hiphop, R.I.P.

10. L7 | Shitlist
This tune was given to me by a friend in a batch of other songs and actually I thought this was the only really good song of the whole batch. I think it's on the OST of Natural Born Killers and that fits it perfectly. It's bursting with subversive energy and easily conveys a I-don't-give-a-fuck attitude.

SIDE B | by Christian Paga

1. Run DMC | King Of Rock
One of the best rap tracks ever. Actually, it was this track that introduced me to hip-hop culture. Although I discovered this track eight years after it was released, it blew me away instantly.

2. Beastie Boys | Sabotage
My favourite Beastie track - whenever I listen to this song, it takes me back to when I was a kid spending my days hanging out in the skatepark. Quite stereotypical? Well, maybe, but it was a hell of a time back then.

3. Rage Against The Machine | Bulls On Parade
To me, Rage Against The Machine is one of the greatest bands ever. I have always been impressed with their loud and aggressive in your face sound of protest.

4. Raekwon | Ice Cream
This track always beams me back to those good old days instantly. It's a shame they don't produce such brilliant rap tracks anymore.

5. GZA | 4th Chamber/Shadowboxin'
I picked this set of track to represent my love for GZA's Liquid Swords album. Lyrically complex and musically on point, it resembles a timeless milestone of hip-hop history. To me it is one of the best Wu-Tang Clan solo albums.

6. Daft Punk | Da Funk
Well, well...To me this is THE song. Back in 1997, it proved to me that there was no need for electronic music to sound like that boring and monotonous stuff that was produced at that time. For sure this track (and the whole work of Daft Punk) has got a major influence on my contemporary musical understanding.

7. Funkstörung | Punk Motherfucker
This is one of my favourite Funkstörung tracks - quite impressively, it combines an acidish flavour with this contemporary FX glitch-type of style. Unfortunately, Funkstörung split up quite a while ago...

8. Aphex Twin | Come To Daddy
Aphex Twin is one of the artists who influenced me the most. With all of its destructive creativity, his music opened up a whole new world of sound to me.

9. Justice | Genesis
Honestly, everything that could be said about this tune has already been said; all the stories about this track have been told. Regardless of that, I simply had to include it in my personal top ten tracks because even today I can't find the appropriate words to describe how it blew my mind when I
listened to it the very first time.

10. Sébastien Tellier | L'Amour Et La Violence
In my opinion, L'Amour Et La Violence is one of the greatest songs of the last years. With this track, Tellier impressively shows that there is no need to pack a track with various turnarounds and tons of stacked instrument-layers to produce a breathtakingly deep song.