WARMER MIXTAPES #161 | by Jeremy Jay of Ultimate Painting and Dystopian Violet

1. Frankie Vallie | Princess
This is one of my most favorite songs ever...I found this 45rpm single in a bin in Portland, Oregon and I've worn this out. The label has these really cool designs of Castle Crests and the text is amazing. The b-side to this 45 isn't my favorite, but the A-side is a Dream...

2. The Orlons | Don't Hang Up
The Orlons are a really kool gang from the late 50's with one guy and 3 girls. The b-side is a cool song called The Conservative. It's about a girl at a dance who is sick of all the squares...Haha.

3. Dinosaur Jr. | Freak Scene
I once saw J Nascis backstage and I was too scared to talk to him. He was stringing his Jazzmaster guitar. He looks old now, but I would like to say hi to him one day. My friend Joe met Thurston Moore and had his photo taken with him, haha. He's one of my favorite musicians who's next on my list...

4. Sonic Youth | Shadow Of A Doubt
I once had a tape of this when I was a kid skateboarding and growing up in Monterey, California (where I'm from) and this tape changed my life. This too got worn out. One of the best records in my opinion from the 80's. The drums and the whole feel of the record has this layer of something in it that isn't as present in other Sonic Youth records. Something special happened here. Shadow Of A Doubt features Kim Gordon on vocals and in the video she is riding on top of a train thru the night singing her song. A very sereal image showing a different side of Sonic Youth...

5. Bauhaus | Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?
This song is probably my most favorite of the Bauhaus records.

6. The World Of Skin | Please Remember Me
Haunting. Too bad this record is hard to find. A true gem.

7. Big Moe | Barr Baby
This is a really amazing song. Full with chorus, then with Big M.O.E. singing his verses. High school...I was a fool...I was only 18. The story of the Barr Baby. This song lyricaly tells the story of a kid growin' up in South Houston, illistrating his life as he saw it. Trully amazing.

8. Nirvana | School
We played Chris Novoselics bass at the K Studio, they still have it there. It's a green guild hollow body. A beautiful sounding bass. I was always interested in the stories I would hear from Calvin about Kurt and Chris. The stories of when they used to live in Olympia.

9. Bikini Kill | Carnival
This band changed my life when I saw them at Pacific Groove High School when I was 15 or 16. In retrospect, who does that anymore, playing high schools changing people forever. I think it's a really cool idea to play shows in these situations, even if the shows aren't filled. This Bikini Kill show I saw only had like 50 or 60 people there. But wow, Kathleen Hanna is amazing.

10. Louis Armstrong | What A Wonderful World
I always like the idea of longevity. The slow paced long spanned carrers of artist like Louis Armstrong and Merce Cunningham (my most favorite chorographers of all time for is work on BI-POD 1998). This song is one of my favorite songs he sings from the latter part of his career. So beautiful...