WARMER MIXTAPES #166 | by Matthew Paul of Ghost Wave

1. Dettinger | Track 3 (Oasis)
This is my favorite tune from the Oasis album. I first heard the tune a few years ago but only just got hold of it again recently. We spend a lot of time getting into this side of the spectrum especially Eammon (drums) and I'd say it informs our own sensibilities in some ways too.

2. Boredoms |
Boredoms are another band we are really psyched on (like a lot of people). I like their fast splashy tunes the best but I couldn't say for the other dudes. The quick reversed cymbals and weird panning rips.

3. Ken Boothe | I Wish It Could Be Peaceful Again
I first heard this song when I was driving to the beach with some friends. It's got a sweet kind of 70s vibe and real sunny. The guitars rip and the voices are awesome too. I just remembered this one and thought it'd be good for the list.

4. The Frantics | No Werewolf
I don't really know much about The Frantics and I can't remember where I learned about this song but it's definitely one of my favourite tunes. It's got kind of a Joe Meek vibe and this version was the basis for the ventures jam The Fourth Dimension. The guitars on the ventures version are a bit different but I think I like The Frantics version more for now at least.

5. The Chills | House With 100 Rooms
One of my friends got me into this tune and it's been a favourite ever since. I got Kaleidoscope World on cd when I was in high school and couldn't really jam with it immediately but over the years this band has become one of my favorites for sure. I watched some YouTubes of The Chills playing in Auckland in the late 80s I think and that was pretty sweet. Everything about this song rules, there's not much more I can say except if you haven't heard it check it out.

6. Love | Alone Again Or
Acoustic guitar is awesome and I hope we use a lot on our record although to date we haven't picked one up. I read a 33/3 about Forever Changes and I think that experience reminded how analysis kind of puts a strain on whatever it is you're looking at/reading/listening to. It feels nicer to me to let it flow. Anyways this song was written by Bryan Maclean and I really like his guitar style. I've only really listened to this album heavily and heard their other albums are kind of average so maybe I'll listen to them in like a few years or something.

7. Count Ossie And The Mystic Revelation | Back To Africa
This is a really sweet and simple song. It's cool because it feels like the drums are kind of at the front and play the lead. The tune is awesome and I really dig Ossie's voice. I'm listening to the jam on some big speakers in the garage, there's cool pans all over the place.

8. The Grateful Dead | Friend Of The Devil
I totally wish I could record songs as sweet as this one. Another reason why acoustic guitar rules. All the parts kind of create the feeling of a wave. I like how the song is kind of about this guys situation but he carries it well. He's obviously kind of seasoned and aware of different energies like the devil and I feel like I get in some ways what he's talking about. Cool!

9. Lee "Scratch" Perry | Crab Years
I'm not sure what Scratch album this tune comes from but I'm pretty sure it's a bonus disc from some compilation. Anyway it's the dopest track and it reminds me of this real cold place where I used to live. I remember a lot of times filling the room up with friends drinking and smoking listening to these jams in the haze. I'm living in a nicer place now but I like to remember those old times still with this one.

10. Spacemen 3 | Walking With Jesus (Forged Prescriptions)
This song is real good and there's not too much to say about it except this version makes me feel pretty cool and relaxed. There are three different versions of this song on my iTunes but I like this one the best. It's nice and soft feeling with the delays and the guitar. I'm listening to the bass line and it's giving me some direction for a new song on the record we're working on now. I'm gonna go jam on that, PEACE!