WARMER MIXTAPES #167 | by Daniel Edward Harris, Jared Nielson, Chris Haupt and Nick Shattell of not an Airplane

SIDE A | by Nick Shattell

1. David Bazan | I Never Wanted You
This song sums up a large aspect of my personal life right now. I can’t even begin to explain how much this song hits home when I hear it.

2. Wilco | I’ll Fight
This is just a great song from one of the world’s greatest bands.

3. Hank Williams | I Heard My Mother Praying For Me
Hank Williams had a profound affect on my songwriting this past year. His use of simplicity to say such meaningful things was something I really admired. I am not a religious man, but his songs are so powerful on so many levels it is easy to look past the religious tones.

4. Travis Vick | Black Sheep
This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite up and coming singer/songwriters. I actually toured with him while he was putting the finishing touches on it and first started playing it live. We were even lucky enough to be part of a recording project with him last year. This is a great song.

5. The Velvet Underground | Who Loves The Sun
I love songs about hopelessness and bleak world viewpoints. Especially when they are put to contradictory music.

6. Bob Dylan | If You Gotta Go, Go Now
I am in love with so much of Dylan’s older material. Whenever I am lacking inspiration I will listen to his Live ’64 album for days straight. Every word unlocks new thoughts and interpretations.

7. The Beatles | And Your Bird Can Sing
The guitar riffs on this song make me happy every time I hear them.

8. Norah Jones
I have this new love for her ever since I saw her perform live recently. She played most of her songs on an acoustic guitar and like an old Tac-Piano or something. She had an upright bass player and a banjo player as accompaniment. It was really great.

9. Why? | Into The Shadows Of My Embrace
I love how lyrical these guys are. Plus they are badass.

10. Radiohead | Last Flowers
I just can’t get enough of this song. It is so beautiful.

SIDE B | by Chris Haupt

1. The Meters | Cissy Strut
This song is so funky, it made me pick up the drums.

2. Roy Orbison | You Got It
The chorus has been stuck in my head for two weeks.

3. Erik SatieGymnopédie No. 1 (Played by Pascal Rogé)
Possibly the most beautiful song in the world.

4. Talking Heads | Crosseyed And Painless
This is my jam. Can't help but start dancing any time this song is played.

5. Roy Orbison | In Dreams
An undeniable vocal force. I'd give my leg to sing like Orbison.

6. Nas | N.Y. State Of Mind
A much more realistic representation of NY than Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind.

7. Bo Diddley | Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger
Anytime you can talk about yourself in the third person without sounding like Rickey Henderson, you get my vote.

8. Miles Davis | In a Silent Way/It's About That Time
If I'm wound up after a long day, a nice glass of scotch and my vinyl of In A Silent Way helps me to unwind.

9. John Lee Hooker | One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
Now THIS is drinkin' music.

10. Ice Cube | Down For Whatever
This song eats T-Pain and the rest of the autotune rap world alive.

SIDE C | by Jared Nielson

1. Metallica | One
1st main streamperfectly fused classical guitar and heavy metal.

2. John Lennon | Imagine
Anthem song used in every peace mission. Possibly ended Vietnam War.

3. Led Zeppelin | Dazed And Confused
One of the 1st main stream multidirectional songs.

4. Jimmy Hendrix | Little Wing
Beautiful experiance.

5. Sunny Day Real Estate | In Circles
Amazing guitar hook. Eyes opened to a new musical world.

6. Bad Religion | Against The Grain
Song of individuality without compromise.

7. Built To Spill | Randy Described Eternity
Musicly and lyricly beautiful.

8. Miles Davis | Bitches Brew
Revolutionary in the Jazz world. No one will be able to replicate this feeling.

9. Primus | Tommy The Cat
I was in complete awe of this song for many years.

10. Pinback | Loro
This is bass playing genius. Melodies created by Zach the bassist is something I look up to everyday.

SIDE D | by Daniel Edward Harris

1. Jimmie Rodgers
Waiting for a train.

2. Wilco
Please be patient with me.

3. David Bazan
Bearing witness, harmless sparks.

4. Willy Tea
I don’t know the names of any of his songs. But any given will do for sure.

5. Hank Williams
Pretty much anything from Hank. Except the talking songs.

6. Guy Clark
Dancin’ Days.