WARMER MIXTAPES #175 | by Gabe Holcombe [Vehicle Blues]

1. East River Pipe | Sleeping With Tallboy
A true loner's loner writing a song that sounds so bummed out and distant that not much else can really compare. Calling it quits, then asking where'd you go? over and over again to nobody in particular.

2. New Order | Procession
The synths and Peter Hook's baseline always draw me in, but the lyrics hit me the hardest. Catchiest sad song ever. I've been up at all hours of the night dancing with friends to this song as often as I've listened to it alone while in a bad way. It's universally appealing.

3. Swirlies | Chris R.
Jangly drums, clean guitars (a Swirlies rarity), and Seana Carmody's voice. I still think about being younger and listening to this song a lot in my car. I had made a tape of Swirlies songs and I'd listen to it and drive alone out in the country. It was a very serene, stereotypically teenage thing to do, but I can't distance that period of time from this song.

4. Fat Pat | No Glory
Fat Pat just had that voice to compliment the chopped and screwed aesthetic. Beyond good. I go through periods of time where I only listen to old Screw tapes and in general, Houston classics like this one. This is certified.

5. Henry's Dress | You Killed A Boy For Me
Distorted bass, feedback and reverb'd out vocals. This is an underrated Slumberland classic. I love the whole EP, but this song in particular, weighing it at a strong 1:25, is basically perfect.

6. The Rolling Stones | Get Off Of My Cloud
From second one when the drums kick in, I will always be wilding out whenever I hear this song. Everyone is sick and tired of this mundane life and its disproportionate amount of problems, so why not dance about it instead of being proactive or responsible?

7. Windy & Carl | Btwn You + Me
Songs For The Broken Hearted opens with this six minutes of no-brainer mental escape. I try to hear this song as much as possible. It's never not what you need when things are looking bleak. It jumps into track two, La Douleur, for an even twenty minutes of droned out bliss.

8. Three 6 Mafia | Paul (with Da 45)
This era of Triple Six is the perfect mix of spooked out, stripped down loops of lo-fi keyboards and 808 under that patented lyrical content. Being all high, riding Chevys and extreme descriptions of decapitation and murder, all wrapped up in slice of Memphis bedroom production bliss.

9. Thin Lizzy | Wild One
It shouldn't be hard to justify Thin Lizzy's existence to other people my age, but for some reason it can be difficult. Phil Lynott was a genius, dual Les Paul leads are unfuckwithable, and how can you beat the back to back Fighting Into Jailbreak era? This song is so desperate, but catchy and oddly hopeful.

10. Light Asylum | A Certain Person
I have listened to this song at least five times a day for the past few weeks since my friend Barrett put me on to this band. Her voice is perfect-deep, haunting and powerful. It has the same lost, searching quality as Sleeping With Tallboy. A lot of similar sentiments about being lost in the city and wondering if the person that's gone is wondering anything in return.