WARMER MIXTAPES #177 | by of In-Flight Safety

1. Sun Kill Moon | Carry Me Ohio
I heard this song in a record store in Kingston, ON. I instantly fell in love. It tells the tale of a man who apologizes for failing at love in his relationship. The melodies and mood of this song are nothing short of stunning. There is something magical about Mark Kozelek’s ability to sound nonchalant while singing some of the most compelling songs ever written.

2. The National | All The Wine
The National have fast become one of my favourite bands. There is a truth within their songs which always feels like it’s right behind door number two - although you do never really get there. They keep you coming back for listen after listen. The lines: I’m so sorry but he motorcade will have to go around me this time, because God is on my side encapsulate the protagonist’s ego in the song. He’s a bastard but you want to know more about him.

3. The Virgins | Teen Lovers
This is simply the best throw back revivalist 80s pop I’ve heard. I love everything about this song: the gang vocals on the pre chorus, the bouncy hooks that are thrown at you a mile a minute, and Donald Cumming’s vocal delivery which is tongue-cheek in all the right ways. His voice falls somewhere between Tears For Fears and Duran Duran. This is just fine with me.

4. Shout Out Louds | Suit Yourself
I took me a long time to really dig deep into this record. Our Ill Wills is probably one of the best records in recent years. This song in particular is so poignant for such a midtempo track. Bebban’s shoegaze voice that answers Adam Olenius’s coo on the line nine months of dream is too much a nightmare is heaven for me.

5. Yukon Blonde | Wind Blows
The dreamiest of harmonies await. The songwriting that is produced by this band blows my mind. Formerly Alpha Baby from Kelowna BC the band now calls Vancouver home. We recently had the good fortune to tour with this band. We all agreed that it was extremely rare to want to be in the audience for every note of a touring mate’s set. The fear of missing Wind Blows night after night was unbearable as if missing it would make you spontaneously combust.

6. Lesley Gore | It's My Party
For many years we used to have a cottage on seaside in New Brunswick where we spent a lot of the summers. For whatever reason we mostly only played this one 50s record called 25 Rock Revival Greats. This song was on it and it we played the hell out of it. It always transports me back to those times when music was still new and making a then unjaded impression on me. Me and my sister danced around to this song like the innocent children we were.

7. Young Galaxy | Destroyer
I heard them debut this song in Halifax and it blew my face off. I quickly picked up my face and then proceeded to wait until their new record came out. I bought it and Destroyer is a tall tree among many other tall trees. I hope this band never stops making music.

8. Nerd Army | Double Dragon Theme
Local Halifax shred masters recreating classic NES themes note for note. Need I say more?

9. Sigur Rós | Njósnavélin
The first time I laid an ear to this song my life changed. I had no idea humans were capable of creating such utterly and totally beautiful music. This song totally altered my perspective on how far a song could take you with an emotive response. Jónsi sings some of the most jaw dropping falsetto melodies ever sung. Only Iceland could produce such otherworldly music (and such a pesky ash cloud).

10. The Smiths | William, It Was Really Nothing
This song is deceptively short. It’s also the case that chords change up for most of the song. For me it defines the madness and beauty that is Johnny Marr. The chimey pre-chorus guitar is amazing. I don’t know how one would even come up with such a part. I am just glad he did and on a 12 string for that matter. I once sat down to learn this song. It took weeks of watching one 14 year old child and one 36-year-old british guy on acoustic on YouTube. Then watching countless live videos - only to find out Johnny was mostly miming the guitars. Eventually I cobbled together some semblance of the guitar parts. Barring having Johnny Marr give an online tutorial I don’t think I’ll ever properly understand these amazing guitar parts.