WARMER MIXTAPES #185 | by Alejandro Cohen of Psychic Powers, Pharaohs and Languis

1. The Jesus And Mary Chain | Psychocandy
Well, this was the beginning for me. Not really, but yes my early introduction to pop in a different form.

2. Aphex Twin | I Care Because You Do
This record was very influential to me because the sounds of synths and the understanding of melody. Also the Ventolin EP is as equal of an influence on me.

3. Shoes | Tongue Twister
This era of pop is one of the ones I'm most fascinated about. It's that moment where Adult Contemporary and pop with more indie/alternative values merged. Super lush but not in the shoegaze sense.

4. The Field Mice | Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?
TFM is a band that when I heard it connected with me in the most profound way. The mood and sound of his voice is how I feel 99% of the time.

5. Kendra Smith | The Guild Of Temporary Adventurers
The magic in the sound, the flanger running through acoustic guitars, and somber vocals bring memories of Los Angeles in the mid 90s. Super mysterious, pre internet era, where all you had was the cover of the record.

6. Love And Rockets | Love And Rockets
This was really the beginning for me, along with Housemartins and Run DMC. I know is strange combo, but I was 12 at the time and everything about them was as intriguing as it is today. Maybe because I was introduced to them through their music videos. I find it interesting that when I got into them I wasn't even trying to listen to something more alternative, I was plain drawn to them.

7. The Clientele | Their entire discography
It's so dreamy and beautiful. Once in a while I'll do a Clientele marathon, where I play all their records one after the other. Same effect as the Field Mice.

8. Iannis Xenakis | Concrete PH
This is really one of those sounds that expanded my understanding of music, and what is considered music. The textures are so fascinating, it is really a world that I go back to explore over and over again.

9. Northern Picture Library | Alaska
The sound on this record is similar to Shoes' Tongue Twister, but really coming from the indie side instead of the VH1 mainstream one. I know many won't see the connection here, but it all makes sense in my mind.

10. Biosphere | Substrata
Probably my favorite ambient album of all time for me. Even above Eno stuff. I know there's no such thing as better or worse, but I'm saying this in the sense that this record connected at a personal level with me, and I think it made a more profound impact in me that some of the more classic stuff. There's something about the not so well known music that you can take it more as yours.