WARMER MIXTAPES #194 | by Dave Miller and Richard Pike of PVT (Pivot)

| by Dave Miller

1. INXS | Guns In The Sky
The opening track of the first record I owned. It was on cassette and was the only record I had for so long I wore the tape out.

2. Joy Division | Decades
Probably one of the most depressing songs I know. The sound of it is incredible - it sounds like a morgue or a cemetery.

3. The Necks | Sex
This band got me (back) into listening to real instruments. Amazing minimalism.

4. New Order | Age Of Consent
A song of heartbreak and letting go. The synth line and sound is incredible.

5. Talking Heads | Mind
It's too hard to pick my favourite Talking Heads song. I remember hearing this on a dancefloor at 6am on night and realizing how much it grooves.

6. Theo Parrish | Overyohead
Slowly evolving chugging Detroit house keeps me dancing.

7. Boards Of Canada | In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
They synths are so warm they feel like a blanket wrapping you up. I remember distinctly listening to this on light blue vinyl on a hot summer's day in a dusty record store in Perth.

8. Brian Eno | St. Elmo's Fire
This chorus always puts a smile on my face and makes me sing along.

9. Sam Cooke | Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
An amazing song (and my favourite version) to hear when you are feeling a little hard done by.

10. The Triffids | Wide Open Road
One of my favourite Australian songs of all time. Makes me feel homesick whenever I hear it when I'm away from home.

SIDE B | by Richard Pike

1. Smog | I'm New Here
Gil Scott Heron covered this recently, he did a great version, but the original's better. Laurence did a tour playing drums with Bill Calahan. Was great to watch.

2. Beck | Hollow Log
Beck has a great talent of writing funny songs that are sad at the same time. Like a weeping willow on fire. Like a drunk in a midnight choir.

3. The Drones | Locust
When they do this live the room gets electrified and voodoo shit starts going down. Lightning and fire and inner storms.

4. Duke Ellington | Isfahan
While we're in a quiet mood, thought I'd throw this in. Saxophone sounds best played like this. Johnny Hodges on lead.

5. John Maus | Do Your Best
This album came to me when I just couldn't find anything satisfying to listen to. Now I can't stop playing it. The vinyl version is translucent white. Go out and get it now.

6. Laurie Anderson | O Superman
Maybe not in my top 10 songs ever, but discovered this recently and was blown away by the confidence and stillness. And the amazing mellotron voice sounds of course.

7. Tom Waits | Martha
Martha and old Tom Frost haven't spoken in 40 years, they have their own marriages/grandkids now, but he calls to tell her he still loves her. Big emotions.

8. Suicide | Ghost Rider
Great sounds. Dionysion. Alan Vega always makes you want to drink or give in to some sort of reckless act. M.I.A. just massacred this track recently. Not sure why.

9. Talking Heads | No Compassion
Be a little more selfish, it might do you some good. Classic David Byrne-isms and psychobabble. Great muppet-style yelps too. His vocals turned everything upside down for me.

10. Björk | Hyperballad
Reminds me of high school. Björk changed a lot of ideas musically for me.