WARMER MIXTAPES #201 | by Danilo Incerti and Alessio Artoni of Welcome Back Sailors

SIDE A | by Alessio Artoni

1. Animal Collective | My Girls
The first AC song I’ve heard was Grass, from Feels LP...STRIKING! I had to run to the dj to find out who it was, and since then, anytime is a good time to listen to their music. I have seen them live at Barcelona (Sonar Festival) and Ferrara (Italy), and I think My Girls is always a great song, love it!

2. Pulp | Disco 2000
To me, this song is absolutely irresistible! Whenever I hear it, wherever I am, I MUST dance! And everytime feels like the first time, like I’m back in the 90’s, a real dancefl oor hit!!

3. Cap 'N' Jazz | Que Suerte!
Que Suerte! (and generally Cap ‘N’ Jazz, Joan Of Arc and so on) has been the soundtrack of my adolescence. It reminds me of myself craving for summer, for The Sun, the lighthearted feeling Kinsella and co. transferred to me through the way they played and expressed themselves. That voice was shrilly and engaging at the same time, it always made me sing like crazy! It was the perfect tune to listen to (and sing along with!) while driving to the beach with my friends!

4. Sunny Day Real Estate | Shadows
Diary...What an album! I grew up with them, musically speaking, I owe them so much!! That sweet and raw mix was exactly what i needed back then! I consider Shadows as the full expression of what they represent. I remember clearly my bitterness when I found out they wanted to split: it was like losing something that I used to consider as a solid reference.

5. Parker Lewis | Dirty Dancing
I’ve seen him for the rst time at a festival (Motron, in Italy) in 2007. I listened to his Dirty Dancing a few days earlier, and I thought I absolutely had to listen to him live: it was a great surprise! I got completely hooked on that Swedish guy who looked as if he just got out from his little bedroom with his instruments under his arm. That mix of light and angelic sounds, together with that rythm that makes you move your head, the general innocence of the whole thing, is totally irresistible, for me!

6. Sigur Rós | Svefn-G-Englar
This song is super: it gives me the shivers! It’s like a dream! Wide spaces and an endless atmosphere carry you immediately into unknown spaces which seem impossible to reach, they probably don’t even exist. This is what fascinates me about the first songs by Sigur Rós, their ability to creep into metaphysical places beyond life as we know it... Maybe this is what makes them an alien presence between so many human beings who stare at them in awe. Listening to this piece, in silence, with my eyes closed, is the best journey ever.

7. Camera Obscura | Pen And Notebook
When you let this song cuddle you while watching the sunset, with a cigarette and a glass of wine, what else do you need? Everyday life stories brilliantly performed. Some time ago, I found a box full of Super8 filmed by my dad when I was a kid: there I was, with my brother and friends! I edited the
best bits of those films, and I happened to be listening to Pen And Notebook by CO while I was doing it, so that became the soundtrack of that video!

8. The Radio Dept. | Against The Tide
De finitely one of my favourite groups! I love to listen to that song in any occasion. I think I consider the guys in the band as friends I used to play with when a was a kid! Their music carries me inside the atmosphere of a better world!

9. Duran Duran | Wild Boys
Outside my parent’s restaurant, there was their car, parked underneath linden trees: I used to lock myself inside that car and listen to Duran Duran's Wild Boys so loud!!! Le Bon and the others were so cool, it was impossible not to wish to be like them!!

10. Everything But The Girl | Missing
Evergreen! Pure rhythm and sensuality: It’s a beautiful song to listen to and to dance along with.

SIDE B | by Danilo Incerti

1. Paul Hardcastle | 19
The first time I've heard this song, I was 9 years old, it's hard to forget its video, if you watch it at that age...Today, that piece is still devastating for me. Paul Hardcastle is a genius and the war in Vietnam is still too close.

2. Joe Jackson | Steppin' Out
One of my favourite songs ever...I always imagine myself singing this song playing piano in a smocky night club, with the dawn light crawling in from the window.

3. Julia | Song In A
It is nearly impossible to find Julia's stuff on the net. Often just a couple of vinyls at auction online: poor idiots who don't deserve what they are selling. It is very complicated to explain Song In A, but at 16 years old, this piece is enough to define all the emotions one has inside. It's like a rainbow exploding. Immortal.

4. Stereolab | Miss Modular
Stereolab is one of the bands I've seen live the most. As soon as I knew they had a concert I was determined to go, no matter where they were playing. I think Dots And Loops is their masterpiece, and about Miss Modular, I think it could go on for ages and I'd never get enough. And that's quite a lot.

5. Sebadoh | Skull
This piece is indissolubly bound to a part of Tom Penny in a 411 skate video. Penny's tricks session down a bank and Barlow's melancholic notes are something very close to poetry.

6. Puressence | Casting Lazy Shadows
Puressence break through comes in a particularly active period for brit-pop. London was The Universe, and as soon as you could, you had to fly there. Puressence immediately take aim straight, Casting Lazy Shadows reverberated guitar sounds like something that sweeps away what's left after a great and devastating party.

7. Massive Attack | Unfinished Sympathy
This song opens with cowbells, shaker and bows, and it's pure poetry. You dream of vast valleys, while really you are walking with your head down in a city you don't know. Basically the perfect piece.

8. Roy Ayers | Everybody Loves The Sunshine
My life, my life, my life in the sunshine...Everybody loves the sunshine...Folk's get down in the sunshine...Folk's get brown in the sunshine... (just like that :))

9. Air | All I Need
Air and Beth Hirsch are such a perfect couple, it's music history! Only a zombie could not want to hug the person he loves, listening to this song!

10. Bruno Martino | Odio L'Estate
Not everyone understands the sweetness of this piece...And maybe it is better this way. When I grow up, I wanna be like him and write masterpieces, like this.