WARMER MIXTAPES #210 | by Silviu Badea [Contorsionist/C L N K/Montgomery Clunk]

1. Tim Hecker | Paragon Point
This track takes me on a steamy street at night, yellow lightscapes and empty backalleys from another world. I can see the cars passing by, I can feel the hunger in my belly and I can honestly feel my solitude and I know that there is no one that waits me home...There isn't even a home to start with.

2. Candlestickmaker | Flat Four
Its about a guy, about where he comes and where he is, what he is. I've been there, I know how it is. This is a track that will always remind me of what's there, in flat four. Over there, a train is passing by from time to time...It is said that it's the lost train. Whenever I go in that flat I do NOT feel lost, I feel like home, simple, not complicated.

3. Mike Slott | Amanallah
You know when you get up in the morning and you feel like the heat and the city is killing you, making you deaf, you can't even hear the birds anymore...Well, this song is exactly the opposite of that. Takes me to an alien countryside with weird water creatures, birds and fairy pixies, makes me wanna scream out the window.

4. Aphex Twin | Xtal
THE ONLY UPLIFTING SONG I KNOW! Perhaps the words are too big, but when I listen to this track I just can't ignore the beauties of the space I reside in. It's been like alot of years since this one came out but for me, even to this day it's fresh and quite difficult to describe the mood that this song is turning on inside me. Aphex is godsent.

5. Zomby | Helter Skelter
Attic, wooden floor, cant escape, I feel small and secluded, he's coming to get me and I can't do shit about it. The walls are closing in and I dissapear.

6. Discordless | Red Giant
When I listen to this track I know that things can go WRONG and totally not what you would expect them to be. Twisted rythm and sick atmosphere, I don't know what to feel, makes me feel childhood but in a very wrong way. By the end of the song I know for sure that things went wrong and someone is furious. Weird mood.

7. Ultre | Being Invincible
This is like a turtleshell.The tune gives me hope, courage. I can't say it makes me feel invincible. It has some kind of a twisted fiesta vibe around it (for me at least). A tiny fiesta in a wooden hut. Mice and ants are spectating everything from within the walls, laughing at me.

8. Tycho | Pbs/Kae
This one has been passed to me by a very special person and everytime I play it I think about that person. I think about his freedom and I want to be the same even if it's impossible. So yeah I guess this is the track that makes me think of a particular person and it makes me to have a perfect image about that person. Cheers to you, CD.

9. Deftones | Prince
Straight out their freshest release...The Deftones still remain a huge part of what music is to me. Hermetic lyrics, metaphor and lots of emotion. Listen closely to the lyrics. Describes many of my choking days.

10. Hudson Mohawke | Polkadot Blues
This is the perfect proof I'm having teh SWINGZ. I like the drooling of this track. When I hear it, I instantly go retarded and saliva starts dripping in the corner of my mouth as I move my genitalia in stupid circles. PRICELESS!