WARMER MIXTAPES #220 | by Scott Milton [The Present Moment]

1. Unison | Outside
A 2 piece from France that is capable of creating such sonic majesty that I've been slighty obsessed with after my first listen. Great songwriters.

2. Led Er Est | Port Isabel
Robert Disaro turned me on to them a few weeks back. Great synthbass riffs, infectious beat, low verb vocals, uplifting chorus, just love this track!

3. Grace Jones | Corporate Cannibal
This came out a few years back, and let me tell you Grace has not lost her edge one bit. The video alone should give you nightmares for weeks. Lyrically I love everything this song has to say, powerful! I cannot get enough prey... Pray for me!

4. Fever Ray | Seven
In love with Karen Dreijer. anything she does is gold to me. She has the power to transform and hypnotise me as a musician, visual artist and vocalist.

5. IAMX | This Will Make You Love Again
Huge I am X fan all 3 of his albums are rock solid. This particular track hit me at a time where I was in a pretty vulnerable state, def a song for those arriving at a crossroads point in their lives. A truly beautiful song!

6. SALEM | Frost
Totally original, no one like them, period. On first listen it changed the way I looked at electronic music and composition haunting classic track!

7. Light Asylum | Shallow Tears
Beautiful sad song about being born out of this world, but at the same time lined with such hope for the future, and love in general to conquer all. A classic to me!

8. Mater Suspiria Vision | Exorcism Of The Hippies
Man, first thing I have seen/listened too in the longest time, that literally had me glued to the computer monitor. Didn't know what the fuck I was experiencing. All I knew was that I liked it alot. Trippy, creepy, psychedelic, strange and brilliant!

9. CROSSOVER | Dark Blue
Hey, ma and pa... We're comin' for your kids, better lock those doors up, we're breakin' in...A song that can scare the shit out of your parents, is an instant classic in my book!

10. VALIS | Exiges
Was building a dj set up recently and a freind of mine upon request send me a few tracks. I just think they are one of the best new bands around, they create so many different sonic elements in a 4 min song that I think trump alot of what I hear out there lately!

+11. //TENSE// | Cash In
Great floor stomper, reminds me of the golden years of WaxTrax done with such bravado, killer live band from what I've seen on YouTube. Album available now via Disaro/Desire.

+12. Cosmetics | Soft Skin
Icy cool as a song can get... Love it!

+13. Soft Metals | Cold World Melts
Another amazing track, great sythlines...Yes, I am a sucker for a good hook, and this duo supplies them with sugar glass vox of Patricia Hall, wonderful, addictive traxx, love 'em!