WARMER MIXTAPES #231 | by Keith Canisius of Rumskib

1. Ariel Pink | Among Dreams
I was introduced to Ariel Pink by a good friend some years ago. He played me the Doldrums album, which I found amazing and still do. The album and track reminds me of our small trip out of city.

2. Animal Collective | Daily Routine
I was probably the last person to listen to Animal Collective in 2009. The production and feel is excellent. I’ve been inspired ever since. The vocals and rhythm on this track is killer.

3. Boards Of Canada | 1969
I loved this band for some years and hope they’ll be back some day. Love this track. It sounds so eccentric and the vibe is sexy as hell.

4. Cocteau Twins | Lorelei
All time Classic for me. Listen to Cocteau Twins a lot in my early 20’s when I moved to a new and bigger city in. I was lucky to meet and talk with Robin Guthrie at the ATP festival last year. He was very talkative and nice. His concert was amazing. I wrote my masters about Dream pop and Cocteau Twins.

5. Serena Maneesh | Selina's Melodie Fountain
Serrena Maneesh came falling out of the blue on MySpace before my ears one day. I loved them ever since and talked to Emil a couple of times. Nice guy, great live band!

6. Deerhunter | Nothing Ever Happened
Like the structure in this track and I find the production very appealing.

7. The Fall | Dr. Bucks' Letter
Also introduced to me by a good music friend. All though I don’t listen to him a lot, this track kicks some serious ass. The lyrics are fantastic and kind off ironic in a very cool way.

8. MGMT | Electric Feel
Reminds of the day before one of my own biggest concert where I played at Roskilde festival (Denmark). I was tjecking out bands playing there, that I did not know about. I stumbled into this track. Everything was great, the weather and going to play there for the first time. It was very cool going there also as a visitor for the first time.

9. Panda Bear | Bros
What Panda Bear does on some of those tracks on Personal Pitch still blows my mind. Love the feel, the melodies and some vocal production elements I find very inspiring to my own music making.

10. William Basinski | 92982.1
Love playing his music before going to sleep or on a lazy Sunday once in a while. Best hangover chill music for me at the moment. The moods are incredible. Very honest and credible.