WARMER MIXTAPES #239 | by Tobias Rochman of Grand Trine

1. The Kinks | I'm Not Like Everybody Else
I just bought this record used last weekend and this song melted my mind when I first put it on the turntable. Ray Davies from The Kinks originally wrote it for The Animals but they didn't want to use it. It pretty much sums up the topics of rebelliousness, isolation uniqueness perfectly.

2. Dead Moon | I Hate The Blues
The guitar player of this band started playing on the strip in Las Vegas when he was fifteen in the 1950s. Then had the group Lollipop Shoppe in the 1960's who you can find on the Nuggets comp. When the first wave of punk hit he started The Rats with his wife Toody. After that band they started Dead Moon and today they still have a band together called Pierced Arrows. Dead Moon recorded themselves, cut their own masters with their own lathe, made the artwork, and released the records themselves. They were 100% DIY. Truly inspirational for any band that does things on their own terms.

3. Puro Instinct | California Shakedown
Two sixteen year old girls from California who are obsessed with euro(?) black-market elevator shlop-pop bootlegs... Or something. I missed their show here. They are the best example of how the internet and living in the future can nurture prodigies and create super-powered indigo children. With access to everything the sharp kids are just getting sharper. Enjoy a slice of genius.

4. Cosmetics | Sleepwalking
Probably my favorite Canadian band. We have been friends forever and I am so happy to see them getting so huge. Each single they put out is even better than the last and everyone is salivating for them to drop their first record. This track will hypnotize you. They are the best! They are the real deal.

5. The Gories | Sovereignty Flight
We were so happy we got to see this band last month in Montreal on their reunion tour. We pretty much had worn out the grooves of the House Rockin' LP because we play it every time we hang out. Detroit bleeds amazing rock bands. Two amazing guitar players and Mo Tuker-styled drumming. A++.

6. Buddy Knox | I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself
I just love this song because he talks about killing himself like it's no big deal. It's kind of a peppy upbeat song with dark lyrics.

7. Kleenex/Lilliput | Might Is Right
'70s girl group post-punkers. Secretly this is the band that influences us the most. Hearing them for the first time 4-5 years ago changed my life's trajectory.

8. Malaria! | Your Turn To Run
This band was doing their own thing. They carved out their own sound. They are almost entirely forgotten but should (In my opinion) be discovered/re-discovered by everyone. They blur the line between being very creative and being very terrifying.

9. Suicide | Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne
The second Suicide album gets no love but it's actually awesome. You can dance to it.

10. Marine Girls | On My Mind
So many of the current crop of lo-fi bands rip Marine Girls off but I dare anyone to write a song this emotionally devastating and beautiful. All of the current popular beach themed music that you are hearing right now would not exist without Marine Girls Beach Party album! Everyone who makes this type of music and is making coin from doing so should say a loud THANK YOU to Marine Girls.