WARMER MIXTAPES #242 | by Ezequiel 'Cheky' Bertho of Jóvenes Y Sexys and Algodón Egipcio

1. Björk | Undo
I think I discovered electronic music through Björk. I was still a kid when I first heard her music and she was just this cool, loud girl who had a Ren & Stimpy-like music video, which was awesome. Then I bought Homogenic, and Vespertine later, and, apart from the perfect use of the voice on these tracks and the string arrangements, the main thing that stuck in my head was the electronic foundations. Undo might be my favorite song of hers, it's built on an Opiate song called 1% In 2/3 Speed, and the outro sounds just like heaven.

2. Papa M | Krusty
I'm a huge David Pajo fan, he's an artist I identify a lot with. I don't know what is it about this song, but I like it so much. If I could be a song, I'd probably be this one, but I can't put my finger on the reason why. It's one of those songs I wish I had written.

3. The Smashing Pumpkins | Behold! The Night Mare
The Smashing Pumpkins are, sentimentally, my favorite band ever since I was a teenager. Adore is such an underrated album, I love it very much, it has such an elegant, sad beauty that moves me every time. This song may be the one that represents that description the best.

4. Erykah Badu | On And On
My grandma used to live in a city that was a 5 hours car trip away from my hometown, and we used to visit her frequently. For the trip we'd always buy CDs with various artists, like the Now compilations and the Grammy Nominees compilations. On And On was on the '97 Grammy Nominees compilation, when I heard it I fell in love instantly with Erykah Badu, I think I was never exposed to this kind of R&B/Soul music by that time, that was so classic and so current at the same time. And she had only gotten better with time.

5. Domingo En Llamas | Caballos Para Huéspedes
José Ignacio Benítez, a.k.a. Domingo En Llamas, is a personal hero. I think he's an overlooked musical genius, and a great friend. I learn so much just talking to him and listening to his music. I just had to include one of his songs here.

6. Lightning Bolt | On Fire
Lightning Bolt's music is brutal, like being hit in the face with a bat, repeatedly. But a great bat! (?). This song introduced me to the noisier side of music, I could never return from that place.

7. Lauryn Hill | Ex-Factor
I've loved Lauryn Hill probably since Sister Act 2 haha. My parents bought me The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill for Christmas when I was 12, and I became obsessed with this song. It's a painfully honest song, pure raw emotion.

8. Todosantos | Antes Era Mejor
Thanks to Todosantos I dared myself to think outside the box and to make more creative music. The first time I saw them live I was blown away. I had recently moved to Caracas after living my whole life in a small, mostly industrial city, and I think I assumed that in order to make music in Venezuela you had to be in a rock band, play lame covers and make generic songs. I couldn't believe my eyes/ears when I saw them. This may not be their best song, but I specifically remember it from that show, good times.

9. Akron/Family | Running/Returning
This is definitely another one of those songs I wish I wrote. It's actually very special for me, 'cause the first time I played alone, in front of an audience, was at the end of a Jóvenes Y Sexys show, and I did this song with my guitar and some effect pedals.

10. American Football | Honestly?
My best friend sent it to me around the time we first met. It has become my feel-good, my cheer-up song. This (and the whole album) has amazing, inexplicable healing powers on me.

+11. Hella | Republic Of Rough And Ready
+12. Built to Spill | Carry The Zero
+13. Aaliyah | Loose Rap
+14. Dirty Projectors | Useful Chamber
+15. Chavez | Top Pocket Man