WARMER MIXTAPES #244 | by Yuji Oda [Atlas Young]

Google Translate is sweet.
1. Zoot Woman | Jessie
Jacques Lu Cont is really cool. Which I do not even make such a good song.

2. International Pony | Hangin' Around (feat. Stepchild)
I did not understand it and listened to whether I listened really how many times. The album is in best 3 in me.

3. Prefab Sprout | If You Don't Love Me
People who listened to this band in real time are enviable. As for my everlasting admiration.

4. Washed Out | Feel It All Around
I was excited to listen to his music very much for the first time. It was a chance to do Atlas Young. So his existence is big for me and is great.

5. The Mary Onettes | Slow
I remember when I heard it was very touching. The dramatic and dreamy, I'm jealous about the way they are.

6. Muscles | One Inch Badge Pin
Japanese club at that time I had been playing in heavy rotation Muscles are. Friends were dancing together, too. It's that song about happy memories.

7. M83 | Don't Save Us From The Flames
M83 has been heard, now and forever. It's a great artist. It was a great promotional video, that's ideal type of artist.

8. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | Can't Hear My Eyes
His music'm strange. Really like his world view can not be mimicked, it might be the most cool artists.

9. Kalle J | Vingslag (feat. Johan Tuvesson)
Always entered my records back. DJ will listen when I'm sure. Really love this song.

10. The Radio Dept. | I Wanted You To Feel The Same
It's the best song. It's my favorite artist. I met them, I was hooked. The album was perfect.