WARMER MIXTAPES #249 | by Patrick Loggins [Time Wharp]

Ten songs that have absolutely no relation to each other.

1. Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin | Spain
Possibly the best rendition of this song ever. A lot of people find Bobby McFerrin gimmicky. Listen to this and be proven wrong. McFerrin has complete and total freedom in the scales; he's just having fun. Chick is (as usual) on-point and at the same time completely counteracting Bobby. a show of musicianship that's hard to find these days.

2. Battles | DANCE
I decided to choose this track over the other ones on the EP for the specific way they channel the energy. Unlike some of the super-groovy, downtempo-yet-doubletime tracks on the two Battles EPs, this one is just goofy. John Stanier never ceases to amaze me. Seriously, this guy is a robot.

3. James Blake | I'll Stay
The way he creates space between those tiny blips of the whole band hits something sound and the razor-sharp cutting of the breathy vocals creates tension that can be enjoyed at multiple head-nodding tempos. FRACTALS.

4. Art Tatum | Tiger Rag
Terrifying arpeggio drops. You think he's gonna crash and burn the whole time but it always lands back on the beat. He's even experimenting with some rhythmic ideas that funk would later embrace, like coming back in on the 2. Wack.

5. Deradoorian | You Carry The Deed
Beautiful vocal performance from the most beautiful girl in music the world today. So held back yet so soulful. Tough tossup between this one of the Dirty Projectors' No More off Rise Above.

6. Flying Lotus | First Friday Funk (unreleased)
This was one of the [adult swim] bumpers. Just listen, no need to explain how talented this guy is and has been for some time.

7. Mr. Bungle | Goodbye Sober Day
Sophomore year of high school in a nutshell. I can understand people not getting Mr. Bungle… But monk chants transitioning to sludge metal kind of speaks for itself.

8. Jaga Jazzist | Jaga Ist Zu Hause
I want to see this played in a small room.

9. Igor Stravinsky | Le Sacre Du Printemps - Première Partie: L'Adoration De La Terre (Performed by London Symphony Orchestra; Conductor: Claudio Abbado)
Bombastic EvilFunk.

10. Slim Gaillard | Potato Chips
I found this on the Super Size Me soundtrack. The entire time it sounds like he's singing through the world's biggest smile; a joyful listen.

+11. Vanilla | '66
New beat music artist I found on Tumblr. He's got the chops.