WARMER MIXTAPES #251 | by Aaron Cunningham of Neon Vision and Drumatix Six

1. Drexciya | Hydro Theory
This song reminds me of driving past the giant steel mills in Hamilton, my hometown. The steel mills have giant smoke stacks with flames shooting out the top and the sounds of machines making steel in the distance. R.I.P James “Drexciya” Stinson

2. Freestyle | It's Automatic
I love everything about this song. I got into break dancing when I was 8 years old, and this kinda music was pure magic to my ears! When I hear this song, I am transported to when I was an 8 year old boy, dancing in my basement!

3. Toots & The Maytals | 54-46 (That's My Number)
Rudeboys, as well as the fashion and music that came out of England during this generation, will always resonate strongly in my heart.

4. Gary Numan | M.E.
Gary Numan is the greatest! Isolation summed up in an amazing song.

5. Drumatix Six | I Sold My Soul For Robot Control
I love my music, I don't think it is the best, but it is exactly what I want to hear! I hope others feel the same way! This song is about my disappointment with how we as a species are treating each other and the planet.

6. Barrington Levy | Black Roses
Reggae is powerful music! Songs of revolution, make me want to be a better man!

7. Model 500 | No UFO's
As a teenager I had a picture of Juan Atkins on my wall, for motivation. Love this track!

8. Salem | Skullcrush
When I listen to this song on my mp3 player, it makes me hold my head high, as I walk past the local crack heads and general mayhem of the city.

9. UK Subs | Warhead
I was a punk first. This song reminds me of my teenage years, skateboarding the local half-pipe or chasing after girls!

10. I-F | I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less
My life the year this album came out was amazing. Electro was gaining strength, and this was my anthem! Fuck The World!