WARMER MIXTAPES #253 | by Michael Philip Bridgewater [Waskerley Way]

1. ONSIND | Heterosexuality Is A Construct
ONSIND happen to be good friends of mine, but even if they weren't I'd mention them because they're incredible. They are a two piece acoustic punk band, which isn't nearly as awkward sounding as you might imagine. This song is the first on their new record and it serves as a call to arms of sorts. The lyrics are bang on too - Nathan is definitely the best lyricist I can think of.

2. My Bloody Valentine | Sometimes
I think Loveless is a flawless album and Sometimes is my favourite song on it despite not being the most well known or biggest sounding. The buzzy guitar tone is perfect and compliments Kevin Shields' lamenting, defeated vocals beautifully.

3. Dreams | Swimming In Pink Waters
This is my friend João from Porto, Portugal. We haven't actually met in person but we stay in touch and share music over the Internet. He let me remix this song, Swimming In Pink Waters. I prefer his version.

4. Black Flag | My War
Punk rock will always be important to me, but I always find myself wading through loads of rubbish stuff to get to the stuff I like. My War is a perfect example of the stuff I like, though I wish the production of this recording was punchier.

5. Hank And Pigeon | Put Out The Fire
Hank And Pigeon are another two piece acoustic outfit that I like, this time from New York. I was lucky enough to play with them in Brooklyn back in March and I can comfortably assert that they make some of the most beguiling music I've ever heard.

6. Pissed Jeans | Spent
Pissed Jeans are amazing. If I'm having a bad day I usually play a song of theirs and it cheers me up within a minute. This song is really slow and lethargic – very tense and frustrated at the beginning but later on it lurches into an enormous riff as the guy screams about how lousy his life is. Perhaps I ought to be concerned that this sort of thing cheers me up.

7. Elliott Smith | Alameda
I'm a reformed Elliott-oholic, but I have frequent relapses. The guitar playing is kind of jaunty and yet the whole thing sounds incredibly eerie and solemn. I think he knew exactly what he was doing.

8. The Temptations | Papa Was A Rollin' Stone
This might be my favourite song of all time. Everything about it is fantastic - the vocals, the bass line, the wah-wah guitar, the lyrics... it's all great.

9. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | House Arrest
I listen to lots of Ariel Pink so I think I ought to mention a song of his. This particular one doesn't seem to want to stay still; there are tempo changes everywhere, it's almost Beefheart-esque. The bit at the beginning where someone leaves Ariel a disgruntled answering machine message for not paying his parking tickets is hilarious.

10. Michael Jackson | Bad
I wouldn't consider myself to be a particularly big fan, but this song is just devastating. A few months ago I was hanging around at my friends' house and we put on the Bad record at the wrong (faster) speed – it sounded so frantic and brilliant.