WARMER MIXTAPES #267 | by Matt Bahamas (Fantastic Magic) of Heavy Hawaii

1. Santo And Johnny | Deep Purple
Through all the covers, Deep Purple showcased Santo And Johnny's genuine writing talent. Something I've been trying to emulate for years. Never this good.

2. Eydie Gorme Y Los Panchos | Sabor A Mi
We started drinking as soon as we woke up. The night before was a slumber party of unfamiliar friends. One girl woke up early went to the market to buy booze and to make everyone breakfast. By noon we were all drunk and I was lying on the ground asking for Eydie And Los Panchos.

3. The Beach Boys | I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Once someone asked me who my favorite band of all time was. What a bull shit question. I told her The Beach Boys. She made this awful face when I gave her the answer.

4. Weezer | Buddy Holly
Undeniably the most solid, most genius pop song. This came out when I was 11. I almost want to list every song from the blue album for this mixtape. I'm listening to it right now.

5. Orange Juice | Falling And Laughing
Right outside of High school I was obsessed with Morrissey. David Byrne was another one of my all time favorites. I felt this band was almost a perfect meld of the Smiths and the Talking Heads. The bass is phenomenal.

6. Talking Heads | With Our Love
You avoid the trouble, deny the trouble, resist the trouble until you forget the trouble. Then you're in deep trouble.

7. Queen | My Melancholy Blues
I was 19. I would sit in the library and listen to this song over and over. My baby left me for somebody new.

8. Swans | Black Out
I had never heard a recording as honest as Cop/Young God. My best friend and I managed a used cd store and we used get extremely high and crank this over the speakers. Scare all the locals.

9. Weezer | Undone - The Sweater Song
Its production is perfect. The chorus comes in and melts my heart.

10. Beck | Alcohol
It's difficult to list 10 meaningful songs. This song's lyrics are dead on and could be played at my funeral.