WARMER MIXTAPES #275 | by Kurt Allen of Voxhaul Broadcast

So when I start this I would like to say two things as a premise;
one, I just got off a date with a lady who is a few years up, to which gave me shit for being a few years younger.
The other is I could have ten favorite songs for every year of my life.
My favorite songs never leave, but they can get shelved (and some eternally collect dust).
I have songs that are tied to memory, and some that I just straight out love without a moment attached.
Either way, I will now give out a list of some new and old favorite songs without taking myself too seriously.

1. Beck | Soul Suckin' Jerk
Damn, for many years this has been my end all, be all, walking to, from, at work song. I sing it now and again from time to time, but it was the most pivotal as a kid. 14 or 15, I had my first real job on a permit, and every time I found myself scraping frozen meat off the floor, or taking shit from any number of outstanding citizens, those lyrics always got me through with a grin.

2. Young MC | Bust A Move
Though I guess you got to be in third grade to appreciate it the way I did, this is a cheer for all the fellas trying to do work those ladies tell us... I did for some reason. Lord knows my MC Hammer pants wearing, 8 year old self, loved it. I still remember most of those lyrics, like the alphabetical order of prepositions that are still so useless. It was the first tape I ever owned. (aboard, about, above, across, after, against, along, amid, among, around, at).

3. The Walkmen | I Lost You
This one always gets me singing and shaking along. I almost couldn't stand the album at one point, because it was a gift from a girl I dated. Yeah, glad that chapter in my life is over.

4. Violent Femmes | Good Feeling
It's now fleeting, in light of, but it was there, exactly why this song never will leave me.

5. Bill Evans | Peace Piece
This is my long night, my best or my worst night. I got this record along with two others for ten bucks. I love how somberly the song floats along. Also, Keith Jarrett, The Köln Concert, yeah.

6. Grizzly Bear | Yellow House
One of my most favorite of hard times albums, and all songs included, is Grizzly Bear's Yellow House. Hands down one of my most favorite things to come out... A lot of good smokes after a very long day to this album. Sitting in the car, windows up, flipping out.

7. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah | Yankee Go Home
While I'm at it in this time period, clap your hands and say yeah, not the same as mentioned above, but Yankee Go Home, hell yeah, I'd be screaming that in my car sessions.

8. Bob Dylan | Boots Of Spanish Leather
I love this song, and I feel like it's one not a lot of other people would agree on. Many times this gave me peace when I was leaving.

9. Pixies | Hey
Oh Man, to many times I've been in the situation where I heard this at the right time. Yeah this is definitely an alltime I'm a sucker for this song. I'm happy about not over playing the hell out of it.

10. Paul Simon | Paranoia Blues
Ended up getting this after clearing out a house (legally). Very happy with the whole album.