WARMER MIXTAPES #286 | by Marc Zielinski [The Pillars Of Creation/VentureX]

Wish I could have only ten but there really is at least 15 I can come up with off the top of my head. Soundtrack to my own personal life I guess.

1. M83 | Slight Night Shiver
This song to me is everything. It is so short but from first listen struck me in a way that no bolt of lightning ever can. I almost always have some what of an out of body experience when listening. If you were to die you wish it were painless. This song being that painless death. I mean this in a good way.

2. Modern English | I Melt With You
Always will love the 80's. The style, music, feel... It's like growing up with John Hughes movies all over again. I know it is gross to think about (even more so for me) but I wish I was conceived by my parents while this song was playing. I guess it is because I feel there is more of an attachment to this song then I can physically or emotionally explain.

3. Washed Out | Feel It All Around
This song isn't just a feeling of summer to me. It IS summer to me. Every time I step my feet into water this song will play in my head. Every time I lay a towel down on sand this song will play in my head. I wouldn't be making this list if this song didn't change the way I make music.

4. Gregor Samsa | Untitled Two
I rarely use the word epic but I feel like this is an appropriate time. Since the age of 16 I've taken a massive interest in driving. Not speeding or breaking any laws and such. Just Driving. When you drive you are usually alone, it is quiet, and I tend to leave my problems behind me while in the drivers seat. There is nothing to me like a long drive to nowhere and a pack of smokes to bring me back to sanity in a world of chaos. This song helps me do that just as fast if not faster while or while not driving. Play this during any sunrise and it will change your life.

5. Yes | Heart Of The Sunrise
My dad being the prog rock nerd that he was introduced me to great bands like Yes, ELP, King Crimson, and Genesis. I could care less when I was 7 and 8 but each listen of this track makes me remember the times I would play cops and robbers through my house as my dad blasted this music in the basement. I was the star of the show somersaulting on the carpet and pointing my fingers as if they were a gun. I was on the case.

6. Souls Of Mischief | 93 'Til Infinity
Classic west coast hip-hop from the early 90's. The chillest of rap songs. I want my grave stone to have my date of birth and then instead of date of death say: til infinity...

7. O.C. Smith | Little Green Apples
Never have I heard such passion and beauty emit from someones voice. There is a definite sorrow but a longing forgiveness in this classic track. The most listened song in my library during the cold winter. It keeps me warm like hot chocolate on a winters night.

8. The Skids | Into The Valley
Going back to my early old school punk days and high school teenage rebellion. I've never jumped so high. I've never sang so loud.

9. Slowreader | Stupid Bet
Truly the whole album that this track resides on is amazing. I recommend this forgotten bands only LP to any and everyone. Way ahead of their time. I remember back in early 2000 hearing this after being a fan of the original band The Impossibles. Every time this makes me feel like I have access to time travel. Getting a glimpse of what the future of music has to offer.

10. Old Canes | Both Falling Bright
Even though this song was not around when I was spending many childhood summers at my grandparents house in rural Illinois, I get flashbacks to the days I did when listening to this. Carefree, natural, organic, and young. This song is the closest thing I have to my heart in dealing with country living.

+11. Bear In Heaven | Lovesick Teenagers
This is the only track that my first true love ever turned me on to. It is one of those tracks that each listen makes you associate a memory with that certain person in your life. Her and I have gone our separate ways since then. I can not completely describe the huge range of different emotions I feel when listening to this song. I guess much like a lovesick teenage it's an utter mess.

+12. Of Oceans | In Love, Not Limbo
I heard this song about a month ago for the first time. It blew me away. So simplistic and yet so effective. A peaceful Sunday afternoon headphone jam to walk the city streets to.

+13. Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan | Sis Around the Sándmill
A huge fan of múm and Animal Collective, this was a little gem to hear. Less electronic and more folk-esk. I've never had this happen but I almost feel like every time I listen to this song it takes me back to an imaginary moment in time as to where I met my first crush on the school playground. It never happened and I sometimes wish it did. This would be the song for that moment.

+14. The Flaming Lips | Race For The Prize
Seeing this band live is so much more amazing then listening to one of there albums in your own bedroom. I constantly have flashbacks to the many performances I've witnessed by them upon each listen. Each time with a smile on my face especially with this track. I feel its the opening to my own personal Broadway play about my life.

+15. WALSH | Helicopter Does Not Exist
The moment I first heard this track I felt immediate jealousy. The sound on this is everything that I feel I have been turning into musically yet WALSH had already reached it. So simple yet so full, rich, and warm.