WARMER MIXTAPES #293 | by Matei Radu Ţeposu [Never Over]/(Go To Berlin) of Trouble Is

1. The Cure | The Same Deep Water As You
So beautiful put for we both suffer of the same thing and we can't hide it when we look into each other's eyes. Disintegration is a great, great album and this track is just larger that life. The huge drumming, soundscapes and gentle chorused guitar seem to rush nowhere as the song lasts for 9 minutes. If tomorrow would be the end of the world, I think this is the track I would like to hear while the whole thing turns 0.

2. Phill Collins | In The Air Tonight
Phil Collins is the kind of pop star I would like to see now-days in the charts. But I guess that was that. I remember actually having a fight with my sister over Phil Collins' Best of on audio cassette. She laid her hands on it, as I ended up with Michael Jackson's Dangerous which also got me dancing dressed up in her clothes, days later.

3. Michael Lee Firkins | Rain In The Tunnel
I discovered Firkins back in the days when I was obsessed with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. I think Firkins is one of the most underestimated guitar players of all time. His guitar tone on Cactus Cruz album feels like pouring liquid emerald and those licks fit together perfectly that melt in your brain.

4. Ellen Alien & Apparat | Rotary
This track hit me and got under my skin right from the first couple of seconds I heard it. It has some weird energy in it. I remember couple of years ago being with some very good friends, chilling out, and we used to go frenzy every time it came in the playlist. I love how the rhythm quickly builds up at moments then suddenly breaks back into just a kick and a tiny acid snare. It seemed out of this world the first time I heard it and I guess it still is. This song changed the way I see rhythm in musical compositions.

5. Thom Yorke | Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses
Honestly, it could be any of Thom Yorke's songs. Hearing Damage or Harrowdown Hill are no less great than this one. I like that there aren't 2 songs of him that hold a resemblance between them. This man keeps on moving forward. The song is 7 minutes long, you get a psycho bass line, some metal percussion that reminds me of early Aphex Twin, dog barking, and the last 3 minutes are dedicated to a synth line that keeps on going till the end of the song, continuously changing pattern. Not to mention about the singing...

6. John Frusciante | Control
The lyrics of this song are worth a book on their own. I guess it holds some questions we should all ask ourselves at one point.

7. Kraftwerk | Radioactivity
I remember being 5-6 years old and watching a very boring 2 hour long political TV show on the national television. But in the end, it was all for the 30 seconds promo that featured what I later found out it was Kraftwerk's Radioactivity.

8. Foreigner | I Want To Know What Love Is
...And Ultravox - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes... Two of the 80's love pop songs taken to the extreme, that are here with me to stay. Those huge epic choruses and the devotion behind the singing felt kind of uncanny to me as I was riding my tricycle in the living room.

9. Queens Of The Stone Age | Millionare
Rock 'n' roll. (period). QOTSA is the rock band 21st century needed so much.

10. Depeche Mode | Jezebel
Martin Gore blends techno, jazz, dance and soul into a perfect dark & delicate pop song about... Well, I guess it's about different things for each one of us. At least we know her name... Two years ago when I had this PR job a desk mate kept on playing Sounds Of The Universe over and over, for months. This year I listened to the album several times again and still found a lot to be discovered. Martin Gore is a wizard.