WARMER MIXTAPES #301 | by Jamie Townsend and Ben Dalton of Southern Shores

SIDE A | by Ben Dalton

1. The Radio Dept. | Heaven's On Fire
This song just gets every texture right. Perfect beat, pitch perfect production, everything's in the right place. What a gem. And then those strings and saxophones come in. I'm sold.

2. Arthur Russell | This Is How We Walk On The Moon
I discovered Arthur Russell a few years ago and my love only continues to grow, he seems incapable of singing a vocal line that isn't completely affecting. I think this is still my favorite song of his, just totally transcendent.

3. No Age | Glitter
These guys can do so much with so little. Such a big song, so brooding but so invigorating and catchy. Perfect to listen to while walking around the city and gettin' all reflective.

4. Twin Shadow | I Can't Wait
These guys nailed this one. I get wish I wrote this song jealousy every time I hear it, but then the pleasure of it all just drowns out everything else. It seems to be about those precious seconds on the dance floor where everything is going exactly your way and you're dancing with the exact right person and you wish it could go on forever but it's always too brief. Maybe that's what every great dance song should make you feel.

5. James Blake | The Wilhelm's Scream (James Litherland's 'Where To Turn' Cover)
Where does this kind of talent come from? Less than a year ago this guy was putting out crazy hype sample-heavy music and now apparently he also has an amazing voice and can craft amazing songs out of it. What can't he do? Completely addictive.

6. Destroyer | Kaputt
Dan Bejar really surprised me with this one. So different from his earlier stuff, you can actually dance to it and it sounds so rich and awesome. Elevator disco music at its very best.

7. Tennis | South Carolina
I just heard this yesterday for the first time and I'm already in love. An incredible sugary voice singing insanely sweet and catchy melodies. It's all so innocent and fun. Considered me converted.

8. NDF | Since We Last Met
It's been a while since a song snuck up and floored me like this one. The whole thing is like a giant build-up but without the tension being excruciating, just blissful. Is it about getting over someone? Maybe but it's bursting with romance.

9. Kendal Johansson | Blue Moon (Big Star Cover)
Amazing cover of an amazing song. I don't know who this girl is or what else she's done but she does everything right here. Just takes it into the stratosphere. Such brilliant, haunting heights.

10. Lindstrøm | Where You Go I Go Too
I've been listening to this for two years but it never gets old. Simply the most epic dance journey I've ever heard. What a master this man is at letting his music breathe and gather momentum; a total wizard in my books, I would kill to experience this live.

SIDE B | by Jamie Townsend

1. Sufjan Stevens | Vesuvius
I have not heard anything quite like this before. He keeps his vocals front and center while laying them over a beautiful digital and acoustic sound.

2. The Roots | How I Got Over
This track does everything right. Emotion, Rhythm, Soul, it fills the speakers along with your head.

3. Cee-Lo | Wildflower
His voice is an incredibly strong and captivating instrument. When matched with production like this, it's pure ear candy.

4. Twin Shadow | At My Heels
Twin Shadow seemed to create their own sound that is instantly recognizable, I feel like I know the words before I hear them and they sound great.

5. Delorean | Real Love
This is a big party song. Reminds me of fun times with friends and it will never leave my head.

6. James Blake | Limit To Your Love
His stop and go production is so satisfying. He creates a silent and dark sound that is so cohesive with his voice and words.

7. How To Dress Well | Ready For The World
Succeeding in taking me to an R 'n' B dreamland.

8. Beach House | Zebra
This reminds me of driving at night to the West Coast and seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time. A perfect soundtrack for night time traveling for me.

9. Local Natives | Airplanes
This is the catchiest song I have heard in a couple years. It's simple in its goal and I love that. I heard that it is about the lead singers grandfather and I like it even more for that, I respect respect for Grandpas!

10. Fuck Buttons | Olympians
Epic, Massive, a Triumphant Anthem. It takes you on a journey to the Moon, showing you the heights music production can reach.