WARMER MIXTAPES #303 | by Ken Rangkuty [Keenhouse]

Dancing around Memories.

1. Ryuichi Sakamoto | Riot In Lagos
The piano version of his '83 recording. This is a great re-immagination of the original and full of music. I like to listen to this in the morning.

2. 4hero | Star Chasers
The track reminds me of winter in Berlin years ago. I used to listen to this while aimlessly walking around in the city, looking for something... Caught up, here with you. Trying to make this old thing new. Caught up, trying to chase the stars... Then suddenly I felt like I might be about to move on.

3. Kaidi Tatham | He Laughs She Cries
A genius keyboardist of the new school and incredible musician. This track just grooves hard. Great changes and bass playing plus that right amount of loveliness on top.

4. Ski Oakenfull | Fifth (Jazzanova 6 Sickth Mix)
For some reason this one got stuck with me as my Tokyo song. Every time I listen to it I see the view out of the train. In front, the Tokyo landscape passing by, all those windows looking back at you. Full of people yet I don't know anyone.

5. p e a c e FIRE | Sapphire
Epic, that's how I would describe this one. Futuristic memories of anime-like sceneries. This one gets to me every time. Very colorful and dreamy harmonies. Dark but hopeful.

6. Downtown Party Network | Into Your Face
Me and Josh from Binary were driving back from a party in L.A. heading downtown. I was going pretty fast and shouldn't be driving anyway. I think Josh was getting a bit nervous. Anyway, the song came on, the skyline rose in front of us and it just fit the moment.

7. Fred Falke | Love Theme
This track is sexy. I like to play this a lot. It's mellow, has beautiful chord changes, a great bassline and is highly danceable.

8. Tom & Joyce | Vai Minha Tristeza (Bob Sinclar Remix)
Both the original and the remix are great. A very sentimental track, a cocktail of sadness and happiness. It's the kind of emotional blend that's harder to describe musically but this song does it well. And I'm in love with her voice.

9. Erlend Øye | Sheltered Life (with Soviet)
Another great sentimental song. It's fragile. The arrangement fits the lyrics so well, I could listen to it over and over again. A great electronic track paired with great content.

10. Osamu Kitajima | Thru Cosmic Doors
This is one of my favorites from his output. I love the song's arrangement and instrumentation a lot. Beautiful atmosphere and solos.