WARMER MIXTAPES #315 | by Dijf Sanders and Jason Dousselaere of Teddiedrum

SIDE A | by Jason Dousselaere

1. Hildegard Knef | Im Achtzigsten Stockwerk
I recently stumbled upon this old German track through a friend and I immediately fell in love with it. I still like the friend. Listen to that amazingly sweet loud bass, yummy. The music is very poppy but her voice and lyrics give the song a harsh edge. Great combination.

2. Glass Candy | Beatific
This is the shit! Perfect dancetrack. Simply irresistible. Love love Johnny Jewel.

3. Steve Miller Band | Abracadabra
This is one of my favorite popsongs at the moment. Respect the whips and guitarsolo.

4. Can | Yoo Doo Right
Yes! 20 minutes of pure pleasure. One of the loveliest drummers in the world. Listen to those metronomic drumrolls! rRRRRR...

5. Captain Beefheart | Moonlight On Vermont
Something else and also: oh boy, teenage memories! When I discovered this album, I listened to it for eight months in a row. I rode the bike to school everyday for an hour. I was 15 and this blew me away like a babyfeather. It put me on to all the old bluesstuff too.

6. Scott Walker | 30th Century Man
So simple yet so big. Croonerpower. Great confusing lyrics. Play it cool and saranwrap all you can!

7. Balthazar | The Boatman
Soundtrack to my modern life.

8. Devo | That's Good
Devo have so many excellent tracks. I like the way they treat rhythm and use synths. Fresh, quirky and original. They also had philosophy. Score! I want to be like them.

9. Paul McCartney & Wings | Band On The Run
A great record to have a long slow coffee breakfast to.

10. Emerald Web | Flight Of The Raven
Listen to this late at night. It's on YouTube. The grand synthfinale is your best friend. I'm pretty sure they used the Yamaha DX7 on this. Isn't life wonderful?

SIDE B | by Dijf Sanders

1. Autechre | Pir
I really love very organic and complex sounding music. It's like extracting music from something that's alive but without a consciousness. I also have much respect for music which I don't understand how it's been made, because then there is no demystification!

2. Dark Dark Dark | Daydreaming
I've seen this band for the first time a couple of months ago in my favourite bar. This song gives me goosebumps. Even now, while writing. I'm a very melancholic person and this girl just knows how to play me (the melancholic part I mean...). This track has a superb apotheosis. Build up, not too much, not too long, and lay down.

3. Guided By Voices | If We Wait
Song from my teenage dreams. Sunfish Holy Breakfast might be the first record I bought... Again... Melancholy...

4. Animal Collective | Peacebone
What can I say? Animal Collective is brilliant, but who doesn't know this? This song is the first one I've ever heard from Collective. It made me very humble and powerful at the same time. Humble, because I was so impressed by the musical and poetical (the lyrics are genius), that all the music I was writing at the moment suddenly became bleak and unimportant. Powerful, because the song has so much energy that you simply cannot be be unaffected by it.

5. Köhn | Goodbye Pluto
Heil to the warm, the soothing and smooth. Analogue feel and bourdon ambient. Hmmm...

6. Neon Indian | Terminally Chill
One of the first gigs of Teddiedrum was with Neon Indian. I had to be their mixer as well, because the other mixer didn't show up and one of their keyboardplayers had plugged a Juno synth with American voltage into the European net (twice the voltage...) so they had to use my Casio CZ101 as well (which is a great synth: check Miami)... Anyway, it's a great band.

7. Jean Michel Jarre | Ethnicolor-Diva
This intro is so horror. My brother listened to this when I was a kid and he used to make creepy faces. It made a big impression! It's a great track for audiophiles. If you have good speakers, turn up the volume and listen to the Fairlight in full glory! Some parts would make a great Tron soundtrack.

8. Boudewijn De Groot | De Heksensabbath
Dutch/Flemish artist from the hippie period... Sound exiting, huh? But this track of more than 45 min (I think... never actualy timed it) is a crazy, dopey, mythical journey. A story with Satan, goblins, Homunculus, Gaudicus... It's scary and funny and completely out there. I listened to this this record every single night when I was sixteen, just to fall asleep. No need to tell I know every single word.

9. Aphex Twin | Acrid Avid Jam Shred
I don't need to introduce him. This is my tutor, of course. This is the first song I've heard from Aphex. I was seventeen. It builds up a long time and then you hear that wonderful tune. This music is so childish and nasty at the same time. Rockmusic suddenly became a bit less impotant.

10. Moondog
Sorry, but there are no preferences here, just everything... Every single piece from Moondog is a state of being... Sounds nerdy. Maybe it is, but I don't mind. No posing, no hypes, no calculations, no nothing, just short and long musical pieces of any kind. Inspiring, meditive, calm and exciting and worldly. Very pure and real. For example: a drumkit played with the feathers of an ostrich... That's it!